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If you could redo one of the 49ers pick who would you take.

Originally posted by SJniner7:
one thing is for sure, Niners have been taking a lot of supposed "boom or bust" picks lately...
Anthony Davis
Taylor Mays
Aldon Smith
Colin Kaepernick

Boom or bust describes about 70% of the draft picks in every draft first couple rounds.

If you have off the chart measurables but only 1-2 years in college, or switching positions you're a boom or bust.

If you started all four years and were productive but don't light up the combine, you have a low ceiling.

Get off the media slang words. It's rare that a player is the most athletic at his position AND has the best overall career in college. Players like Suh don't come around very often and when they do they are gone within the 1st 3 picks.
Haha...this is classic...

Hankerson over Culliver. Wow. Culliver defines shut down corner. Hell, teams dont even throw his way.

I wonder if some people still think Anthony Davis, Kaepernick and Aldon are "boom or bust"
Ahh - Hindsight is a beautiful thing.
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