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Players you hoped the Niners would get, but didn't.

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It would be interesting to see down the road how they compare with the actual drafted. Maybe list player by round and if available to the Niners ...or just list a few names.

Phil Taylor

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Mcelroy, I really thought we would target him in the 7th, but then he ended up coming off the board before we got a chance.

Johnny Patrick, we showed a lot of pre-draft interest, so in the 3rd round i was expecting us to either take him or Kendall Hunter(who i expected us to target in the 2nd-3rd)..when we took Culliver I thought that was a bit of a curveball, but cool.

this draft was really really top heavy, after the 2nd round it didn't really seem to matter much who we took as long as it was addressing needs, and it sort of went that way for all of the teams..
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Would've liked peterson/dareus/miller to fall but I didn't really expect them to.

Also liked ponder despite his injury issues, and quinn was rated higher than aldon(despite quinn's health issues).

The rest are just names as far as I'm concerned, I haven't watched enough video of guys we were all talking about like Vereen or cam jordan. But it's still worth tracking later on.

It seems the browns took Marecic right out from under the niners in the 4th, will be interesting seeing how he does.
Out of all the glaring ones to me was not going with Patrick in the 3rd.
Player, position and the round they went in.

Allen Bailey DE (3rd)
Davon House CB (4th)
Chris Carter OLB (5th)
Quan Sturdivant ILB (6th)
Charles Clay FB (6th)
Jerrell Powe NT (6th)
Justin Rodgers CB (7th)
Chris Neild NT (7th)
NT Stephen Paea, CB Brandon Harris
Kendrick Ellis in the 3rd. He'll be a stud NT.
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Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
NT Stephen Paea, CB Brandon Harris

Oh yeah Paea was another good big named guy in a lot of our mocks. Went in the 2nd so we would have had to trade up. I guess this means we're going to have to pay some big money to franklin or another FA NT to get them here.

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What was the Stanford's DT name? He got drafted by another team right?

Owen marecic
Originally posted by pelos21:
What was the Stanford's DT name? He got drafted by another team right?

Powe in the later rounds. I'm haven't read what the knock on him was but the games I watched he seem disruptive.
Scott Tolzien to develop but maybe we go after him in fa.
Jeff Mahel, who I expect will go to the Pack since he and Rogers are local boys.
Chris Carter just as another OLB.
Kris Durham because I thing he is a faster version of Dwight Clark.
Jerrell Powe NT & Richard Sherman CB
Stanzi. But I think he went to a really nice situation in Kansas city
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