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There is no way, at least that I can envision, that we go through the draft without making trades.
But, if that were to happen, the following is a draft that I could live with.

Not even going guess about free agency at this point.

1 7th Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 6' 4" 234 4.61
Future franchise quarter back. Best scenario would have him sitting
for a whole year.

2 43rd Brandon Harris CB Miami 5' 10" 191 4.46
Clements will not be here. Harris will be a starting CB next, and for
years to come.

3 76th Sam Acho OLB Texas 6' 2" 262 4.67
Still leaves us with a need for a pass rushing OLB, but fills a big need.

4a 108 Stephen Schilling OG Michigan 6' 4" 308 5.18
Need to fortify the interior line. Rachel has to step up, or sit down.

4b 115 Owen Marecic FB Stanford 6' 1" 248 4.87
Just like the guy. Mean and tough.

5 141 Roy Helu RB Nebraska 6' 0" 219 4.40
Competition for back-up. Like him better than Anthony Dixon.

6a 170 Cedric Thornton DE S. Arkansas 6' 4" 300 5.25
Eventually, will prove to be excellent value pick. Has potential to be
a starter, but at least will solid in rotation.

6b 190 Aldrick Robinson WR SMU 5'10" 184 4.35
Steal of the draft. Fast and fearless, will be starting slot in two years.

7a 211 Anthony Gray DT Southern Miss 5' 11" 325 5.08
Will provide solid back-up at NT. RJF has to start this year.

7b 231 Shiloh Keo SS Idaho 5' 11" 219 4.74
Special teams ace and dime back. Loves the game. Non-stop motor.

7c 239 Mark LeGree FS Appalachian St. 6' 0" 210 4.49
FCS all American for three years with 22 picks in those years.

7d 250 T.J. Yates QB UNC 6' 3" 219 5.06
Long-term back-up. Smart. if necessary, can function in the NFL.
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I like it. Addresses all the major needs with some great value picks late (Legree and Keo) at the safety position.
i like it. but is your RB another big bruiser? if so, i wouldnt mind a speedy, change of pace guy. other than that its great!
Assuming Harbaugh can work with Gabbert, I like it. Covers most of our needs w/o any outrageous reaches.

Good work.
Gabbert won't make it to 7 , but Mallett will...take the CANNON...Mallett.
Originally posted by CRABTREE:
Gabbert won't make it to 7 , but Mallett will...take the CANNON...Mallett.

No thank you.
I stopped reading at Blaine Gabbert
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Originally posted by valrod33:
I stopped reading at Blaine Gabbert

I can understand that.

I almost stopped writing after his name, but last resorts are just that.
Clements will be here
They had a chance to dump his contract with no consecuences and they didnt

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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Clements will be here
They had a chance to dump his contract with no consequences and they didnt

Really, I think, or thought, they would dump his contract after the lock-up is over. But, not matter I would still draft a CB high in the draft.
There will be haters on this, but I think it's a great draft. Covers most of the bases and with high-ceiling players, which would take advantage of Harbaugh (with our previous dolts, er, coaches, we needed to go with high floor players because they couldn't coach and/or scheme them up). If Gabbert is gone at 7, I'd try to trade down to mid-first, pick up an extra 2nd, and go Aldon Smith/JJ Watt/Cam Jordan #1, then Dalton/Kaepernick #2, then Brandon Harris/ Aaron Williams/ Curtis Brown #2B.
I can't think of a better scenario for the 49ers. I believe that Gabbert will be very good with the right coaching. He's smart, sharp, and very good in the system he was in. He did what he was asked to do and he did it well. It's amazing that so many people formulate opinions based on nothing. The reality is that none of us know who's going to be great. But the reality is this. People who are much better at scouting than us all rate Gabbert way above any of the other real options for the 49ers. If he is there and Harbaugh thinks he can be the franchise quarterback we should take him. This mock addresses almost every need of San Francisco. Very well done.
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