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What is the most intriguing aspect of this year's draft?

..besides who the 49ers pick.

The thing that I love the most about the draft is the story lines that are developed in the months and days leading up to the big event.

So what story line will you be seeking to track the most vigilantly? Is it which QB a team reaches for? The order that the QB's are picked? Where Newton goes?

most intriguing aspect is the fact that after a player gets drafted they can't go talk to their new coach. i'm sure interactions will still happen but it will be an awkward scenario where they will be excited and confused all at the time because they don't know if they are breaking rules or what.

I also am pretty pumped for the start of day 2. Day 1 is the big time names and can be somewhat predictable especially at the top of the draft but now they stop after round 1 for the night and begin rounds 2 and 3 in the morning. i think it's on day 2 where we will see a lot of trades and teams shifting for position to land their guy. teams will call throughout the night and create better deals.
Most uncertain draft in years. The same guy who can go 1st overral, can now drop out of the top 10. The top 2 players a month ago (Bower, Fairly) are still options in the top 5, but may actually fall out of the top 10 or even 15. Can't trade for players, and FA hasn't happened, so teams have more needs which further adds to the uncertainty.
This years draft will hold more weight due to a short FA period, or maybe even a lack of FA? depending on what deal gets worked out and when it gets done.

Will teams go BPA or Need due to lack of FA?
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The most intriguing aspect of this years draft is that we're having one.
The Qb situation without a doubt. 7 qbs could possibly go in the 1st 2 rounds. I would pay money to see teams draft boards regarding these guys. I bet they are all over the map. I hope Jim Harbaugh has what it takes to sort through them. It will be very interesting looking back a few years from now and see what they've become.
FA after the Draft. It puts a premium on positions of need, and may change teams' strategies regarding those positions. Plus, without a resolution to the CBA mess in sight, are teams willing to draft "project" QBs early under the assumption that they will be a season behind?
New England's first pick in the second round. Since they break after the first round now teams will have plenty of time to move up to that spot after the first round is complete.
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