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Worst case scenario draft?

Worst case scenario draft?

let's trade the pick to dallas and demand their least, we should try it

if we werent allowed to trade down
Prince Amukamara my personal bpa/need combo here...
Nick Fairley two cons: dirty one-year wonder, hasnt proved his 3-4 DE ability yet
Blaine Gabbert no
Julio Jones nice combine, had a nice season finish but would still be a slight reach here
Cam Newton no
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Prince but more as a need not bpa
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how is this a worst case scenario if nick fairley is still on the board at 7???? i dont get it

What is your worst case scenario for the Browns in the draft, given that I am assuming they will be picking fourth? (Obviously the worst case scenario of all is that Ben Rothlisberger doesn't play in the last game of the year and we beat the Steelers who start Charlie Batch). What if: 1. either RGIII or Matt Barkley goes back for a senior year. 2. Some team trades in front of us and takes either of the two that goes pro at the #2 or #3 position 3. The other spot (#2 or #3) takes Justin Blackmon Who do we take? I don't want us to take Trent Richardson at the #4 position. For how good Adrian Peterson is (a future hall of famer), Trent Richardson is not worth being picked four spots in front of where Peterson was taken by the Vikings. Anyways, most teams should be able to find solid running backs at other points in the draft. We need cornerstone players. So who would you take with all QBs off the board and no Justin Blackmon? By the way, do you think Blackmon will be fast enough to be a #1 receiver?
The Browns are in great shape because they have needs at all of the key areas where the studs will be available. Of course, if RG3 is on the board, it is a no-brainier, but if some team jumps the Browns, they will be in the position of drafting either Blackmon, Kalil (the Browns need RT help), Richardson, Claiborne. They are in geat shape if they stay put, but I think they are moving up to the second pick to get Griffin