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Why is noone talking about Richard Sherman?

i do like him

harbaugh will either take him or marecic...or both!

but i do wanna see phillip adams develop a bit more, i really think he can become an impact player down the road
I think him and marecic should be wearing red and gold they are to late round players I'm praying we get And stanzi of course
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Sporting News now has him as the 4th best CB and going to the 9ers in the second round. Such as it is worth! He knows the system though, and can also return punts and play WR.

4th best corner?! Is that the website? I want to go check if they have us taking Robert Quinn in the 6th round too.

Yes, the website War Room.

No need to draft Quinn, they have the 9ers taking Von Miller at #7.

Sporting News is absolutely HORRENDOUS. An absolutely cluster of total clowns who don't have a clue about the draft. A friend of mine had a magazine last year with a 4-round draft day mock of theirs in it and it was absolutely laughable. They had some UDFAs going in the first four rounds.

Agree. That's why I mentioned "for what it's worth." I would love to get a view of their staff during discussions. Must be a free for all. They had players going from off the board to first pick, first round in a week. I think that was Dareus. But it's all fun reading and I enjoy their player write-ups.
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