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Jason's latest Mock Draft(2 Rounds)


:[1] - Carolina Panthers < 2-14 > - DT Nick Fairley, Auburn
- To me this is the obvious choice. Fairley is the best player in the draft to me, and fills a huge need.

:[2] - Denver Broncos < 4-12 > - DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson
- I think Denver has a big choice to make, either fill a need at DE in Bowers or go for another need CB Peterson. So I think they go with the BPA, and that's Bowers.

:[3] - Buffalo Bills < 4-12 > - OLB Robert Quinn, North Carolina
- Buffalo also has a choice to make. They could go Cam Newton or an OLB, and I think Maybin's days are numbered. So Quinn(My top OLB) is the logical choice.

:[4] - Cincinnati Bengals < 4-12 > - WR A.J. Green, Georgia
- With the uncertain future of Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens. The Bengals take the best athlete in this draft, and Green fills a need as well, he can be there #1 for a long long time.

:[5] - Arizona Cardinals < 5-11 > - QB Cam Newton, Auburn
- I am not the biggest Newton fan, but he has risen from my 6th QB to my top QB after a great media day/workout. So Newton seems like the pick.

:[6] - Cleveland Browns < 5-11 > - OLB Von Miller, Texas A&M
- Cleveland has many needs, DL, OLB and WR. Some might say why not Patrick Peterson, well they drafted Joe Haden in 2010, so Von Miller is the logical choice. He fills a huge need.

:[7] - San Francisco 49ers < 6-10 > - CB Patrick Peterson, LSU
- The 49ers are thrilled to get Peterson at 7 and not have to trade up for him. He fills a pressing need, and can double as a Returner in addition to his CB spot.

:[8] - Tennessee Titans < 6-10 > - QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
- Again, not a fan of Gabbert. But Tennessee needs a QB if they do indeed release/trade Vince Young. And I think and believe Tennessee likes those gimmicky QB's.

:[9] - Dallas Cowboys < 6-10 > - CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
- Dallas and Jerry Jones are exstatic. And Rob Ryan will love having a new gem to work with at CB, Amukamara is my 2nd best CB and worthy of a top 10 pick.

:[10] - Washington Redskins < 6-10 > - WR Julio Jones, Alabama
- The Redskins have some major needs, but with the uncertain futures of McNabb and Santana Moss, I think Julio Jones is the logical choice.

:[11] - Houston Texans < 6-10 > - CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado
- After losing Dunta Robinson in free agency in 2010. They go with a riser, in Colorado CB Jimmy Smith.

:[12] - Minnesota Vikings < 6-10 > - DT Marcell Dareus, Alabama
- The Vikings, with the future of Pat Williams(FA) in doubt, and thrilled, they take one of my favorite prospects, Dareus with the 12th pick.

:[13] - Detroit Lions < 6-10 > - OT Nate Solder, Colorado
- Yes, Detroit drafted Gosdcer Cherilous a few years back, but Nate Solder seems to be the most complete Tackle in this class.

:[14] - St. Louis Rams < 7-9 > - ATH Randall Cobb, Kentucky (WR)
- 1st major surprise of this draft. Cobb is my top ATH and one of my top WR's in this class. And has risen from a 2nd or 3rd rounder to the mid 1st round.

:[15] - Miami Dolphins < 7-9 > - RB Mark Ingram, Alabama
- Huge need for Miami, Ricky Williams, who knows what he does. And Ronnie Brown is not a guarantee to return in 2011. So Ingram, the best RB in the draft is the logical pick here.

:[16] - Jacksonville Jaguars < 8-8 > - QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
- Jacksonville needs a spark, but this is not neccessirly the spark, but Mallett fits a huge hole, and makes sense.

:[17] - New England Patriots < via 8-8 Oak > - DE Cameron Jordan, California
- NE is thrilled that Jordan is here, he has risen up the boards after a great SR. Bowl week and showing. So he is my pick for the Pats.

:[18] - San Diego Chargers < 9-7 >- OLB Justin Houston, Georgia
- SD lost Merriman to Buffalo after cutting him, and with that said, Houston, is logical here.

:[19] - New York Giants < 10-6 > - OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin
- The 2nd best Tackle, Gabe Carimi, who has production on his side, goes to a aging OL.

:[20] - Tampa Bay Buccaneers < 10-6 > - DE J.J. Watt, Wisconsin
- While some people see Watt higher, I see Watt going a bit lower, but still in a good spot. The Bucs have a nice Offense, so why not go Defense, and Watt fits, they aren't exactly set at DE.

:[21] - *Kansas City Chiefs < 10-6 > - WR Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh
- Baldwin fits here, he is a big WR, and KC needs some more weapons for Matt Cassel.

:[22] - *Indianapolis Colts < 10-6 > - C/OG Mike Pouncey, Florida
- Pouncey fits here as well. Jeff Saturday isn't getting any younger. And Pouncey can double as a Center and Guard.

:[23] - *Philadelphia Eagles < 10-6 > - DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue
- Philly is thrilled Kerrigan lasted this long, he can play some OLB, but will be a 4-3 DE and be a good one at that.

:[24] - *New Orleans Saints < 11-5 > - DT Corey Liuget, Illinois
- New Orleans takes BPA, and that man is Illinois' DT Liuget. Plus it never hurts to have more depth.

:[25] - *Seattle Seahawks < 7-9 > - QB Jake Locker, Washington
- Locker is not exactly the most sexy pick, but Carroll knows the college ranks, and makes sense he takes Sarkisan's QB.

:[26] - *Baltimore Ravens < 11-5 > - CB Aaron Williams, Texas
- Baltimore suffered injuries in 2010, and the CB spot struggled, so Williams makes the most sense.

:[27] - *Atlanta Falcons < 13-3 > - CB Brandon Harris, Miiami(Fla.)
- Harris is a good CB, only knock is he might be a bit soft in coverage. But Harris should come in and be a #2 or #3 CB.

:[28] - *New England Patriots < 14-2 > - RB Mikel LeShoure, Illinois
- Thrilled again, LeShoure my 2nd best RB goes to a team in need of another playmaker, and that he is.

:[29] - *New York Jets < 11-5 > - OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA
- Ayers is a wildcard, It could of been Aldon Smith, but I think thats too high for him, and Ayers is a guy I am very very high on.

:[30] - *Chicago Bears < 11-5 > - RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech
- Chicago has many needs. WR, RB and some OL help. But Ryan Williams is too good to pass on.

:[31] - *Pittsburgh Steelers < 12-4 > - OG Danny Watkins, Baylor
- Watkins is one player that I like a lot. He has a great SR. Bowl week, and helped his stock so much.

:[32] - *Green Bay Packers < 10-6 > - DT Phil Taylor, Baylor
- Some say why Taylor, when they have Raji, well to me, he is BPA and fills as a depth player.


:[33] - *New England Patriots < via 2-14 Car > - DT Stephan Paea, Oregon State
- With the 33rd pick, I see Paea, even if injured, as the pick, too good to pass on.

:[34] - Buffalo Bills < 4-12 > - OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College
- I am a bit surprised Castonzo fell this far, so Buffalo is excited and happy Castonzo is here and is the pick.

:[35] - Cincinnati Bengals < 4-12 > - QB Christian Ponder, Florida State
- Bengals, in a bind. Palmer wants out, and he isn't exactly getting any younger. So Ponder will be developed as there QB of the Future.

:[36] - Denver Broncos < 4-12 > - CB Brandon Burton, Utah
- Burton is a stud to me. And fills a need, with the likely hood Champ Bailey leaving, it makes sense. Plus even if Bailey comes back, he might want to be a S at this stage in his career.

:[37] - Cleveland Browns < 5-11 > - ATH Titus Young, Boise State (WR)
- Thrilled, happy and excited. Yung is the pick, they need a playmaker to go with Massaquoi and Cribbs. So, this is the pick.

:[38] - Arizona Cardinals < 5-11 > - WR Torrey Smith, Maryland
- Torrey Smith is a wild card, he is a young WR and and has potential. Plus WR is a need, ever since Boldin was traded.

:[39] - Tennessee Titans < 6-10 > - DE/DT Cameron Heyward, Ohio State
- I can't imagine Heyward falling so far, but he does. He isn't the best out there, but fills a huge need with the fact that Haynesworth left 2 years ago.

:[40] - Dallas Cowboys < 6-10 > - OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
- Once my top OT, Sherrod will fill in nicely as a depth OT and future Starter.

:[41] - Washington Redskins < 6-10 > - DT Drake Nevis, LSU
- Once again, another big DT. Nevis helps with the fact that Haynesworth is in question, so why not get your future DT/NT.

:[42] - Houston Texans < 6-10 > - S Rahim Moore, UCLA
- The best S in this class goes here. Moore is a stud and will help that secondary.

:[43] - Minnesota Vikings < 6-10 > - DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
- Another surprise, Clayborn falls. I can't believe it. But with the fact that the Vikes need a DE if Ray Edwards leaving, it is a no brainer.

:[44] - Detroit Lions < 6-10 > - ILB Greg Jones, Michigan State
- They got rid of Ernie Sims, and could use more D help, so why not get the top ILB.

:[45] - San Francisco 49ers < 6-10 > - OLB Dontay Moch, Nevada
- Another player I love, he has risen from a mid rounder to here. And fills a need as a pass rusher.

:[46] - Denver Broncos < via 7-9 Mia > - ILB Martez Wilson, Illinois
- Wilson by all accounts can be a OLB or ILB, heck even a DE. So he is a triple threat, and Denver gets a great pickup here.

:[47] - St. Louis Rams < 7-9 > - TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
- Rudolph is the 1st TE off the board, and with no real threat at TE, makes sense.

:[48] - Oakland Raiders < 8-8 > - OT DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
- Love I like more so that some poeples top OT Tyron Smith, so makes sense, they can use a OT, and it's the pick.

:[49] - Jacksonville Jaguars < 8-8 > - OT Tyron Smith, USC
- Again, not high on Smith, but he won't go past the 2nd. But I can invision him as this years Bruce Campbell. A guy hyped up but then falls.

:[50] - San Diego Chargers < 9-7 > - OT/OG Marcus Cannon, TCU
- SD needs a lot of help. And OL is one of them, and Cannon helps that. He is a great option as a Tackle and Guard.

:[51] - Tampa Bay Buccaneers < 10-6 > - CB Rock Carmichael, Virginia Tech
- Rock Carmichael will help with the eventual retirement/leaving of Ronde Barber.

:[52] - New York Giants < 10-6 > - S Robert Sands, West Virginia
- Sands is a good safety, and with Kenny Phillips future uncertain, makes sense.

:[53] - *Indianapolis Colts < 10-6 > - DT Muhammed Wilkerson, Temple
- Wilkerson is a good player, and will help with there DT situation.

:[54] - *Philadelphia Eagles < 10-6 > - OG John Moffitt, Wisconsin
- Moffitt will help Philly and there OL, plus Moffitt can play Guard and even Center. And won't make it past the 2nd in my opinion.

:[55] - *Kansas City Chiefs < 10-6 > - CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia
- CB is a need, and Dowling is the BPA at CB.

:[56] - *New Orleans Saints < 11-5 > - OLB Mark Herzlich, Boston College
- A great story, Herzlich went from star, to cancer patient, all the way to Cancer free. I hope he goes here, where he has a shot at winning. Wish him the best.

:[57] - *Seattle Seahawks < 7-9 > - CB Johnny Patrick, Louisville
- A sleeper, Patrick makes sense, they got rid of Wilson, and will need help at CB.

:[58] - *Baltimore Ravens < 11-5 > - OLB Aldon Smith, Missouri
- Steal, I never thought he would last, but with his skill, and rawness. He will develop nicely.

:[59] - *Atlanta Falcons < 13-3 > - CB Davon House, New Mexico State
- I realize, they took one in the 1st, but you never can have a good amount of Corners. And there a team that has a lot of stars and depth.

:[60] - *New England Patriots < 14-2 > - S Quinton Carter, Oklahoma
- The Pats after taking a DE, DT & RB, so now they get a stud at Safety.

:[61] - San Diego Chargers < via New York Jets 11-5 > - TE Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin
- SD I know has Gates, but Kendricks is too good to pass on, and he will help spell Gates.

:[62] - *Chicago Bears < 11-5 > - WR Terrence Tolliver, LSU
- So, Bears took a RB(R.Williams) in round One, now they get there WR, in LSU's Terrence Tolliver.

:[63] - *Pittsburgh Steelers < 12-4 > - OLB Chris Carter, Fresno State
- Rising up the boards, Carter is gonna be a nice pickup for Pittsburgh, if they lose Woodley or not.

:[64] - *Green Bay Packers < 10-6 > - OT/OG Clint Boling, Georgia
- And finally, Boling goes to GB, helps with more depth at OL positions.
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love the mock

also love how much effort u put into it
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
love the mock

also love how much effort u put into it

thanks bud, next mock will be 3 rounds, with analysis. And will be post combine.
question. Why do you have the Packers taking Taylor at 32?
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
question. Why do you have the Packers taking Taylor at 32?

i really fought myself with that pick, I just felt BPA was best bet, Taylor is gonna be a beast.
Nice mock. I'm sad that we miss out on Ponder in the 2nd, but I could definitely see that happening. Lots of QB-needy teams looking at the top of the 2nd.
Way to early on Moch.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
question. Why do you have the Packers taking Taylor at 32?

i really fought myself with that pick, I just felt BPA was best bet, Taylor is gonna be a beast.

no way they go NT there when they have so many big guys as it is. Think they will go O line there and heavy in this draft. Maybe ILB or safety
Yes, I think it's early for Donte as well. I've watched him for several years being a Wolfpack fan. 3rd round yes, but too high for 2nd.
This is my dream.....

Randall Cobb 14th? I thought he was more like a 2nd or 3rd rounder.
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Randall Cobb 14th? I thought he was more like a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

LOL, I know, wtf was that?
Wow no love for Alden Smith (58). I thought he was pagged in the 25-40 range.
But great job. We all have on own opinions. Thanks for sharing yours.
I appreciate all comments, Im sorry I havent gotten to all of them, I think ill sit down and explain why I feel each pick is where I think they go.

Expect that in a day, and then after combine week, ill do a 3 or 4 round mock.
updated, with analysis.
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