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Does anyone think Kolb is actually worth 2 1st round picks?

Originally posted by footballxpaul:
hell no
I personally don't think is worth anything better than a 4th rounder.
Not I, said the little Red {& Gold} Hen.
Originally posted by DarthNiner:

I don't even think he's worth one 1st round pick. Probably a 2nd rounder.

Originally posted by DaveTheShocker:
Or even one?

I think the asking price for this guy is absurd. Let me get this straight, he's drafted 35th or 36th overall, has a career qb rating of around 70 and a TD/INT ratio if 11/14, and his value essentially triples? That's what the bears got Jay Cutler for (say what you want about cutler but he's a proven nfl QB)

I haven't been overly impressed with Kolb at all. The only thing is he's west coast offense experienced and Andy Reid approved, which is great.

I think eagles are undoubtedly just trying to generate high offers from teams. Does anyone feel he's worth the price? What am I missing?

He's not even worth one. Too little playing time and although he has done good and has shown that he can start, I never saw anything that blew me away. The Eagles are just looking to take advantage of a QB desperate team.
LOL. What kind of a question is this? Of course no one thinks that Kolb is worth that much. The Eagles don't even think he's worth 2 1sts. They just put out that offer on the table to possibly bait some QB desperate team to make that stupid trade.

I think that IF Kolb gets traded, it'll be for either a very late 1st, or a 2nd. There aren't any QB needy teams in the late 1st, so I think he can be had for a 2nd.
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