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This has gone too far and el guapo is here to lay down the law and clear this up. There is NO WAY a de is more important in a 3 -4 or hybrid 4 -3 than a pass rushing olb. Ever heard of ware woodley harrison matthews?????? And last time i checked the de we have in justin smith is a lot better than any 3 - 4 de in the league and harrison woodley matthews and ware are all more valuable than even smith a great de. So the statement is not only wrong bit useless to argue.

Sure jordan could help the niners a lot but not as much a great pass rushing lb like miller. Quinn is also better at getting to the qb than jordan....although jordan or quinn would be fine is pp and miller are gone.

And if you think a de in a 3 -4 is more important than a cb you are wrong again. If gb did not have woodson they would lose 3 - 4 more games a year....not true with losing their de. Gbs other 2 cbs getting moved up on the depth chart williams and shields would not nearly be as good without matthews and would struggle on any other team besides maybe pitt and bal.

Everyone else thought that way too and snickered when the Patriots started building their D with their DL (Seymore, Warren, Wilfork). That defense carried them to a few titles. Everyone else also knocked the chiefs for reaching for Tyson Jackson as the Chiefs implimented their D. Hali was concinered a good DE, but behind Jackson he became among the best pass rushers in the league, totaling 14.5.

The Dline is crucial in football, regardless of set.

It is important very important but OLB and cb have to much impact