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MadDog49er Mid-January Mock Draft with Niners' Full Draft

Absolutely excellent, hopefully its plausible. I'd be damn near ecstatic, hell even elated, if we got Peterson. He's the one guy in this draft who I think is tailor-made for multiple pro bowls. Secondly, we hit almost every need. I'm not that big of a Dalton fan, but realistically there is no sure thing qb in this draft not even at the top. I also really like the 3rd and 4th picks. Havilli has so much more of an impact than a true fullback. Good Job MD, hopefully the picks come to fruition. Question is if not Peterson, what about Prince. Are they 1a and 1b or do u guys think there's a considerable gap between them. I think Peterson has more capacity to dominate whereas Prince may be more of a technician. I'd be satisfied with either, but Peterson is rated higher by most.
This just seems more hopeful than realistic. I can't see Denver passing on Peterson.

But damn would I be happy if it went like this.
Once again well done. Certainly within the realm of possibility.
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I hope Peterson is there at #7. I would rather wish for Bowers to drop but I know that won't happen.

I have grown to like Dalton a lot. He just has a command of the game that shows a lot of maturity and moxie.

A little surprised you didn't pick a WR earlier but I don't know what your big board looked like at the 49er picks. I am not at all satisfied with any of the current WRs although I am willing to see what JH can do with Crabtree. If a young QB is going to be asked to come in and run this team, he will need better receivers than we now have.
Would love to have Andy Dalton. -That kid is very damn accurate, and quick on his release; his passing motion has been compared to Phil Simms.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
The bengals pick kind of surprises me, id think they go.d or receiver. I know palmer hasn't been great but still

Same here they are awful on Defense Last year I am sure they will pick a D on their pick on the first round.

agree with you two. cant see them taking a QB, they will keep Palmer. taking a WR, most likely Green, to pair with Simpson, Shipley, and Gersham would make a very potent young offense.
Awesome!! I don't know if Peterson will be there but I'd take Price if that is the case. I'd also probably take Marecic over Havili, but I love everything else. I especially like the Dalton pick. He has become my favorite qb in this draft. I also like bringing his center along with him. Even if we resign Baas we need a young undersudy, and the fact that it would continue his and Dalton's relationship could prove beneficial in the future.
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Pretty good but no way two qbs go top seven....even one qb if that. Pp will not last until seven but we can get prince
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Sione Fua NT. Stanford in the 4th rd.
MD, Isn't Havili a little early in the 4th round? I mean Peyton Hillis and that crazy dude Owen Schmitt both went in the 6th round or later. Or do you think Havili is that good of a FB prospect. Perhaps we could get a burner WR in the 4th round instead.

Originally posted by NewEraNiner:
I'd be very happy with this draft.

Hope you're right about Peterson, MD. Seems like a special talent.

Hope you don't mean in the way that Singletary called Alex a "special" player
I posted in another thread that you don't need a great corner to have a great defense, you need to be able to pressure the QB, and even advocated trading down in the first round to pick up extra picks, but if by some freak of nature Peterson falls to us, we take him. The only other players that are a must at that spot are Prince Anukamara or Marcel Dareus. I like Robert Quinn, but with a stout D-Line, but with the scheme we will be playing next season and with creative and more frequent blitzing, I expect sack numbers to go up. So I'm down for Peterson, Anukamara, or Dareus. If we can't get either of the tree, trade down with some team that is QB hungry.
Great mock MadDog. I personally think one of the "top" QB's will be there when we pick in the 2nd round. I can't see Newton, Mallet, Gabbert AND Locker going in the 1st round this year unless they ALL have great combines. They are all projects with MAYBE Mallet being able to start from day 1 on a team like Arizona.

With that said, would you still take Dalton/Devlin/Stanzi over any of the "Top" QB's that drop in the 2nd round?
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best mock so far.
Devlin > Dalton

and there is also no way the Bills take a top 10 DT over a Gamebreaking WR see CJ SPILLER from last year
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