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FA CB to change draft

think about it. things needed to be accomplished this offseason are qb, de, olb, cb. these are our huge needs.

i dont see any good options at qb whether long term or even that great for this team. im from philly i can tell you now mcnabb is not an option we should explore. he can win games and get you to the playoffs but he folds under pressure and throws more bounce passes than steve nash.

i dont see any major upgrades in pass rush. there are some decent options but i do like a lot of options coming out of the draft.

CB is something i see immediate upgrade in FA. whether its asomugha, bailey, joseph, marshall, rogers or cromartie. this is the only position that we can land in FA and change our draft

if we dont get a FA cb (one mentioned above) we almost have to get amukamara which is the only option i see (peterson wont fall) we then miss out at a top DE or OLB in the top 7. if we do get a FA CB we then can take bowers, fairley, dareus, or quinn who we should be able to land atleast one.

we go after stanzi or ponder in later rounds (4th) and we have landed a possible franchise qb, immediate secondary upgrade and pass rush upgrade as well and can focus on other minor needs with 2nd 3rd other 4th and later picks
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This makes total sense.
This is an excellent post. I've been thinking about this. We have to eliminate one of our biggest needs, whether it be QB, OLB, CB, or DE in Free Agency.

We know there any QBs who are really a safe pick at #7, so we can just get a good enough guy for 1-2 years in FA. As for OLB, I like Kamerion Wimbley in FA, but he won't be enough to solidify that position. We'd have to draft someone in the 2nd still, maybe even the first. LaMarr Woodley comes to mind but I doubt he leaves Pittsburgh, a team that has potential to win the SB every year.

Now CB is the most interesting position. Theres a bunch of guys in FA, as you pointed out, and many people project Prince to be there at #7 for us to grab.

I think this would be a good situation for us: Sign Jonathan Joseph, Kamerion Wimbley, McNabb/Hasselback, and at #7 pick either Prince OR Quinn.

If we get Prince, he could start across from Spencer and Nate could just be the nickelback since he already plays there on 3rd downs. Plus, he's lost a step. If we get Quinn, he could split time with Lawson OR Wimbley and on 3rd downs, would replace Manny. Even then, after not picking Prince, we'll have Joseph, Spencer and Nate who will be great with a revamped pass rush.
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That's basically what I was thinking as well. On top of that, if grabbing a decent CB in FA doesn't happen, I still think clements and spencer will look better with a pass rush that doesn't allow the QB to have all day to throw, and hopefully our offense will take some pressure off of them as well.

Our defense might be a lot more aggressive with a good offense that stays on the field longer, giving them more time to regain energy. We almost always lose the possession game and if there's a place with this stat I'm sure you'd find that the better defenses are on teams that also win the possession game/have their offense on the field more often than not.
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We probably won't get Nammdi and with a lockout anyway the draft will probably be before any potential free agency period. But if it's not then I dunno. Personally I want Prince Amukamara and then we could draft Justin Houston or another pass rusher in the 2nd hopefully. If we are able to get CB locked up in FA or Prince isn't there then I wouldn't mind taking Marcell Dareus and then getting an OLB in the 2nd. Or maybe getting a CB in the 3rd like Rashad Carmichael.
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Problem is, without a cba it could work the other way arround with the draft and then fa after a new cba is done
Originally posted by KID9R:
Problem is, without a cba it could work the other way arround with the draft and then fa after a new cba is done


Its all about the will change how we think about the draft....then FA.
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Originally posted by KID9R:
Problem is, without a cba it could work the other way arround with the draft and then fa after a new cba is done

Which ever way it works, OLB/pass rusher should be the priority unless the value is junk. A good pass rush will make all 4 secondary guys look better but a CB only fixes one spot. Coverage sacks are over-rated. They don't happen often enough to pass on OLB if there is a good one there.

Of course it the OLB isn't a good value, then I'm on board with a CB and PA would be fine.
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