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My Post Harbaugh Mock Offseason

Originally posted by sfout:

LB - I don't know Wimbley so I won't assess this. I've seen a lot of mocks with us getting Casey Matthews of Oregon, Clay Matthews' younger brother, as a backup for Lawson.
Matthews is an inside backer. hes not a pass rusher at all (which maybe is a good reason he can backup Manny seeing as how he isnt either! lol)
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You can easily move a player to a new position......Either way we can draft Matthews move him to OLB or leave him at ILB and have him challenge Bowman or Kristick for the backups behind Willis and Spikes.
We wont cut Carr.
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Why wouldn't we cut him? he is due 2.5 mil just to sit on the bench. Greg Roman his former QB coach in Houston will probably tell Harbaugh to kick him to the curb.
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1. I don't believe that you are anticipating the amount that teams will be willing to pay for Manny Lawson. He is a mediocre pass rusher but he does everything else rather well. A 4-3 will pay the cash for him and we won't be able to match (my opinion)

2. Devlin will be gone when the 4th comes around

3. I don't see Hasselbeck leaving Seattle. Obviously, they don't have much faith in Whitehurst. I see them drafting a QB in the first and will probably want Matt there for another year before he passes the reins...

4. Franklin scares me with how he only amps up during his contract years but I think he is someone we definitely need to resign. Otherwise, our run defense will take a major hit
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