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Feel free to disect it, NOTE: This is how I feel about the players, not a mock draft, as I expect some players to go higher and lower than rated right now.

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Player Ovr Pos College
Peterson--Patrick 1 CB LSU
Bowers--DaQuan 2 4-3 DE Clemson
Amukamara--Prince 3 CB Nebraska
Green--AJ 4 WR Georgia
Clayborn--Adrian 5 4-3 DE Iowa
Dareus--Marcel 6 3-4 DE Alabama
Fairley--Nick 7 NT Auburn
Jones--Julio 8 WR Alabama
Quinn--Robert 9 4-3 DE North Carolina
Blackmon--Justin 10 WR Oklahoma State
Austin--Marvin 11 3-4 DE North Carolina
Ingram--Mark 12 RB Alabama
Beal--Jeremy 13 OLB Oklahoma
Jenkins--Janoris 14 CB Florida
Sherrod--Derek 15 OT Mississippi State
Ayers--Akeem 16 OLB UCLA
Murray--DeMarco 17 RB Oklahoma
Carimi--Gabe 18 OT Wisconsin
Williams--Ryan 19 RB Virginia Tech
Castonzo--Anthony 20 OT Boston College
Williams--Aaron 21 CB Texas
Wisniewski--Stefan 22 C Penn State
Miller--Von 23 OLB Texas A&M
Solder--Nate 24 OT Colorado
Smith--Tyron 25 OT USC
Moore--Rahim 26 S UCLA
Heyward--Cameron 27 3-4 DE Ohio State
Pouncey--Mike 28 C Florida
Smith--Jimmy 29 CB Colorado
Bailey--Allen 30 3-4 DE Miami(Fla.)
Jordan--Cameron 31 4-3 DE California
Kerrigan--Ryan 32 4-3 DE Purdue
Locker--Jake 33 QB Washington
Mallett--Ryan 34 QB Arkansas
Paea--Stephen 35 DT Oregon State
Nevis--Drake 36 DT LSU
Newton--Cam 37 QB Auburn
Romeus--Greg 38 4-3 DE Pittsburgh
Baldwin--Jonathan 39 WR Pittsburgh
Floyd--Michael 40 WR Notre Dame
Rudolph--Kyle 41 TE Notre Dame
Harris--Brandon 43 CB Miami(Fla.)
Carter--Bruce 44 OLB North Carolina
Jones--Greg 45 ILB Michigan State
Devlin--Pat 46 QB Delaware
Thomas--Daniel 47 RB Kansas State
Williams--DJ 48 TE Arkansas
McDaniel--DeAndre 49 S Clemson
Houston--Justin 50 OLB Georgia
Burton--Brandon 51 CB Utah
Barron--Mark 52 S Alabama
Carter--Quinton 53 S Oklahoma
Herzlich--Mark 54 OLB Boston College
Love--DeMarcus 55 OT Arkansas
Devine--Noel 56 RB West Virginia
Gabbert--Blaine 57 QB Missouri
Little--Greg 58 WR North Carolina
Dowling--Ras-I 59 CB Virginia
Stanzi--Ricky 60 QB Iowa
Cannon--Marcus 61 OG/OT TCU
Watt--JJ 62 4-3 DE Wisconsin
Luiget--Corey 63 DT Illinois
Powe--Jerrell 64 NT Ole Miss.
Taylor--Phil 65 NT Baylor
Moffitt--John 66 OG Wisconsin
O'Dowd--Kristofer 67 C USC
Ellis--Kendrick 68 NT Hampton
Boling--Clint 69 OG/OT Georgia
Boren--Justin 70 OG Ohio State
Ponder--Christian 71 QB Florida State
Posey--DeVier 71 WR Ohio State
Hudson--Rodney 72 OG Florida State
Stocker--Luke 73 TE Tennessee
Black--Ahmad 74 S Florida
Jernigan--Jerrel 75 WR Troy
Galippo--Chris 76 ILB USC
Sturvidant--Quan 77 ILB North Carolina
Carpenter--James 78 OG/OT Alabama
Crick--Jared 79 3-4 DE Nebraska
Vereen--Shane 80 RB California
Sheppard--Kelvin 81 ILB LSU
Holman--Ross 82 OLB Ohio State
Hill--Will 83 S Florida
Young--Titus 84 WR Boise State
Carmichael--Rashard 85 CB Virginia Tech
Lewis--Travis 86 OLB Oklahoma
Pianalto--Zach 87 TE North Carolina
Franklin--Orlando 88 OG Miami(Fla.)
Schilling--Stephen 89 OG Michigan
Brown--DeAndre 90 WR Southern Miss.
Casey--Jurell 91 3-4 DE USC
Worthy--Jerell 92 3-4 DE Michigan State
Sheard--Jabaal 93 OLB Pittsburgh
Sands--Robert 94 S West Virginia
Culliver--Chris 95 CB South Carolina
Johnson--Carl 96 OG Florida
James--LaMichael 96 RB Oregon
Saunders--Weslye 97 TE South Carolina
Jackson--Andrew 98 OG Fresno State
Havili--Stanley 99 FB USC
Mareclic--Owen 100 FB Stanford
Gray--Anthony 101 DT Southern Miss.
Scott--Lawton 102 DT Ole Miss.
Brown--Vincent 103 WR San Diego State
McCarthy--Colin 104 OLB Miami(Fla.)
Dalton--Andy 105 QB TCU
Pettis--Austin 107 WR Boise State
Burney--Kendric 108 CB North Carolina
Wujciak--Alex 109 ILB Maryland
Marsh--Lawrence 110 DT Florida
Williams--Ian 111 NT Notre Dame
Matthews--Cliff 112 OLB South Carolina
Hankerson--Leonard 113 WR Miami(Fla.)
Hunter--Kendall 114 RB Oklahoma State
Anderson--Jeffery 115 TE UAB
Royster--Evan 116 RB Penn State
Irving--Nate 117 OLB N.C. State
Morgan--Michael 118 OLB USC
Mohamed--Mike 119 ILB California
Jenkins--Jarvis 120 DT Clemson
Binns--Armon 121 WR Cincinnati
Tolliver--Terrance 122 WR LSU
Brown--Curtis 123 CB Texas
Chekwa--Chimdi 124 CB Ohio State
Pinkston--Jason 125 OG/OT Pittsburgh
Reynolds--Matt 126 OT BYU
Kendricks--Lance 127 TE Wisconsin
Etheridge--Zac 128 S Auburn
Clay--John 128 RB Wisconsin
McPhee--Pernell 129 OLB Mississippi State
Taylor--Adrian 130 DT Oklahoma
Claiborne--Thomas 131 OG Boston College
Hurd--Zach 132 OG Connecticut
McNeil--Mike 134 TE Nebraska
Gantt--Charlie 135 TE Michigan State
Boykin--Brandon 136 CB Georgia
Lewis--Dion 137 RB Pittsburgh
Allen--Armando 138 RB Notre Dame
Owusu--Chris 139 WR Stanford
Helu--Roy 140 RB Nebraska
Allen--Anthony 141 RB Georgia Tech
Zeimba--Lee 142 OG/OT Auburn
Smith--Brian 143 ILB Notre Dame
Williams--Deunta 144 S North Carolina
Johnson--Jerrod 145 QB Texas A&M
Shannon--Devonte 146 S Buffalo
McMahon--Ryan 147 C Florida State
Baxter--Colin 148 C Arizona
Rodgers--Jacquizz 149 RB Oregon State
King--Caleb 150 RB Georgia
Rodgers--James 151 WR Oregon State
Keenum--Case 152 QB Houston
Paul--Niles 153 WR Nebraska
Interesting. Peterson above Fairley? I haven't watched a lot of college football but please explain. Just curious
jake locker the best qb?
julio jones that high?
is it blasphemous to think about ingram as an eventual replacement for gore?
Originally posted by ninergold:
is it blasphemous to think about ingram as an eventual replacement for gore?

No; however, we have more pressing needs than a RB in the first round.
Not 1 QB with a first round grade.
Originally posted by ninergold:
is it blasphemous to think about ingram as an eventual replacement for gore?

Yes, for the value, we can sign someone like Westbrook. A Gore and Westbrook combo is more than enough.

I'd hate to see us spend a first on a RB, especially when there are other quality options already on our roster. That pick would be better served on a position of need, IMO.
Originally posted by ishkabibel:
Not 1 QB with a first round grade.

the only QB i would of considered 1st rd was Luck, I do not think the others in this draft are worth a 1st rd grade.
Originally posted by foreign49er:
Interesting. Peterson above Fairley? I haven't watched a lot of college football but please explain. Just curious

this was a tough one, 1st off I see Bowers as the best DL in the draft, but he is a DE, same as Dareus, tho he can play inside as well. Fairley is a beast dont get me wrong.

Now Peterson is a ball hawk, I was talking with jreff22 the other day doing a mock, all though we/I didnt agree with picks(as in where the player goes vs where we think of them). It is tough to see a CB go #1, I expect a guy like Fairley, Dareus or Bowers go 1 overall.

Ill actually post our top 20 mock in a minute.

Stanzi being so high on the list really jumps out at me and JJ Watt being that low.

Just curious what do you see in Stanzi to rank him that high up?
does nick fairley always play like this?
Originally posted by YungAce:
does nick fairley always play like this?

boy oh boy, he is rising up my board, Im waiting to unveil my newest big board till underclassmen are all known.

Then post senior bowl and then one more post combine.
Cameron Jordan is way too low he's played in a 3-4 for the last two years in his college career I'd be shocked if he gets beyond the 20th pick and might not get past 15.
What qualities do you see in Pat Devlin that you rank him higher than Gabbert?
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