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I've never done a mock draft before.

This is my first mock draft ever, and I am biased towards the 49ers, but thats why I'm on this board and not some other team's board. I'm going to do this a couple picks at a time, and I'll re-edit the original post. If I respond to any suggestions or comments, it will be as a new post. This post is only for the Draft picks.

1. Panthers - Nick Fairley - DT
After trying to trade this pick and not getting any reasonable offers, the Panthers work on their Defense. Start in the middle. There are lots of holes to fill. Fairley should start from Day One, whether the new coach installs a 3-4 or 4-3. choice could be AJ Green as the heir apparent to Steve Smith.

Summary: 1(1): Nick Fairley, DT

2. Broncos - Patrick Peterson, DB
Another new coach. This one is not trying to trade down. The Broncos seem to like Tebow for some reason, so QB is not an option here. They drafted a WR in round 1 last year, and that is one of the few positions they don't have a big hole at, so Green or Jones won't go here. No matter what the regime is, secondary is always important, so the Broncos pick Peterson, who projects as a CB or Safety.

Summary: 1(2): Patrick Peterson, DB

3. Bills - DaQuan Bowers, DE
Bowers could probably play DT also. The Bills have needs at many positions, but Bowers should make an immediate difference. They could also go with AJ Green here, but they still have Lee Evans and Steve Johnson. They could also go with Prince Amakumara, but this feels to early for him.

Summary: 1(3): DaQuan Bowers, DE

4. Bengals - Robert Quinn, DE
Everyone seems to think that the Bengals will go with a QB or WR here, but with Coach What's His Name's new power that comes with his new contract, I think they will get someone besides Dunlap who can rush the QB. Only 3 teams in the NFL finished with fewer sacks than the Bengals. Quinn should develop nicely into a front 7 that has Rivers, Dhani Jones, and Maulaluga as linebackers and an already decent D-Line that just happens to have one end as the weak point.

Summary: 1(4): Robert Quinn, DE

5. Cardinals: Cam Newton, QB
The top two players available are AJ Green and Prince Amakurama, neither of which are at the top of the Cardinal's needs, so do they reach for a QB (Gabbert, Newton, Locker), or do they trade down? They try to trade down, but Candidate #1, the Redskins, are already down a bunch of picks and don't have the goods. Candidate #2, the Browns pick next and play hardball with the Cards. They end up keeping the pick and drafting Cam Newton.

Summary: 1(5) Cam Newton, QB

6. Browns: AJ Green, WR
Browns run to the podium and announce AJ Green as their pick. Being a 49ers fan, name 3 WRs on the Browns. I'll give you Cribbs, but he's mostly just a returner. This has been the easiest pick for me to make, and if it works out this way, it will probably be easy for the Browns to make the call.

Summary: 1(6) AJ Green, WR

7. Dolphins: Blaine Gabbert, QB
Its crunch time for the 49ers. Prince Amakurama is on the board and would fill a pretty big need. Blaine Gabbert is on the Board and may be a good project QB for Harbaugh. Marcell Dareus is available and would look good opposite Justin Smith on the line, but our Front 7 is not much of a problem. Prince would be nice, but the CB depth in this draft is AMAZING. Blaine Gabbert could eventually be a really nice QB, but we can't afford a project QB right now, we need a starter. Here is a list of QBs who are currently backups that could be acquired around the NFL:
Marc Brunell - Jets
Marc Bulger - Ravens
Jason Campbell - Raiders
Dennis Dixon - Steelers
Graham Harrell - Packers
Josh Johnson - Bucs
Jon Kitna - Cowboys
Kevin Kolb - Eagles
Kyle Orton - Broncos
Chad Pennington - Dolphins
Vince Young - Titans

Here are some starters who may have teams that want to move on:
David Garrard - Jaguars
Donovan McNabb - Redskins
Carson Palmer - Bengals

The question now is, who makes the best offer for #7 overall?

TRADE: 49ers get: 1(15), 2012 3rd Rounder, 5(142), 6(175), Chad Pennington
Dolphins get: 1(7), 4(107), 7(200)

Summary: 1(7): TRADE: Blaine Gabbert, QB

8. Titans: Marcell Dareus, DE/DT
People may think that Tennessee goes with a QB here, but with Gabbert gone, I think Fisher would rather pick Dareus here.

Summary: 1(8): Marcell Dareus, DE/DT

9. Cowboys: Prince Amukamara, CB
Whether it's fair or not, the popular consensus is that Jenkins can't start for the Cowboys. He has had problems this year, and I think the Cowboys go with BPA AND Position of Need. Win, win.

Summary: 1(9): Prince Amukamara, CB

10. Redskins: Julio Jones, WR
Three choices for the Redskins here... Go big (QB/WR), Play it safe (D-Line), or trade down (they have no third or fourth round picks this year). I think the go for either Mallett or Jones, and Jones wins out.

Summary: 1(10): Julio Jones, WR

11. Texans: Von Miller, OLB/DE
If the Texans choose to pick Defense, they could go Paea, Heyward, or local-ish Von Miller. If they choose Offense, they could go with Blackmon, Solder, or Pouncey. Seven of their last 8 picks have been Defense, and they will likely make it 8 of 9 by picking Von Miller.

Summary: 1(11): Von Miller, OLB/DE

12. Vikings: Ryan Mallett, QB
Brett Favre watch 2011 is underway. I think it is 2 more months before he starts throwing to high schoolers in his hometown. Even if he decides to come back again, it won't be with the Vikings. It is Tarvaris Jackson's team at least until the pre-season. By then, Mallett may take over, who knows...

Summary: 1(12): Ryan Mallett, QB

13. Lions: Cameron Heyward, DE
I think Janoris Jenkins would have been the pick here, but he's going back to school for his senior year. I think they go with a big name at Defensive End instead.

Summary: 1(13): Cameron Heyward, DE

Now on the clock... St. Louis Rams

stay tuned for more picks, I'll post them when I do them.

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Update: first activity by the 49ers. Will go past #7 next time.
lmfao so you do a mock half way and stop at the 49ers pick? Nice knowing who everyone else picked. Also I don't like the trading back idea. I want Prince.
Originally posted by backontop:
lmfao so you do a mock half way and stop at the 49ers pick? Nice knowing who everyone else picked. Also I don't like the trading back idea. I want Prince.

He does the picks a few at a time, I don't think he's done yet.

I want Prince too but if we can trade back I definitely see that happening.
Update: Top ten done, working on 11 and beyond.
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