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Trading back

Tradedown and get Von Miller and next best CB or QB we need a passrusher bad

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Originally posted by oldman9er:
As it happens, there are currently 5 prospects that I would be very happy for SF to draft at #7... and a few more that I would smile over, but not dance over. So if one of the 5 is there, I would stay put and select him. If not, trading back is an option I would consider. There are quite a few late 1st and 2nd round options that would please me in a trade back.

care to reveal the players

possible trade back candidates....i think it is possible washington or minnesota would trade up. keep in mind wash is at 10 and minn at 12 so its not a huge trade back but a way to get more picks. if aj green is there and we chose not to take him i think washington would be very interested. both teams would want to trade up and possibly get their pick at qb before teams after us that may go after one.

washington has no 3 or 4 and minnesota has no third which may stop them from doing this. i figure swapping 1st rounders. picking up their second and us giving them our first 4th would be close to draft chart value...we still get about 100 or less in value but giving them the option of locking up there guy first they might consider.
I think Peterson will be gone by the time we pick. I'd be inclined to keep the pick if Prince or Marcell Dareus are there. I think Ayers may sky rocket up draft boards as well. As far as the CB position it is pretty deep with guys like Jimmy Smith and Burton to be had in the second round as well.
In an earlier post I wanted to trade down at the top and up from the bottom, fewer picks but better overall quality. Now, with Harbaugh coming in he will need to find his type of players in the draft. He is use to working with bright college players and might find some of our current group to be lacking in football IQ to play in his system. That would call for him to keep the picks and go for quantity.

I do not see him taking a QB in the 7th spot. No one there is likely to start next year. So, he would likely take a DE, OLB or CB who could step in and make a difference this coming season. If he did not see anyone likely, then trading back for more picks would be a good move.

Edit--Some coaches drive me crazy (in a good way) by being unpredictable (Walsh) and they seem to have several plans-and go with the one that falls to them through trade or standing pat. Can't just have one plan and stick with it no matter what other GMs do.

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Originally posted by corriv:
I'd trade down if Prince Amukamara and Marcell Dareus are gone. The most pressing need is getting a QB and it wouldn't hurt to trade and try to getting another 2nd round pick so they can use a 3rd round pick to go after McNabb, Orton, or Kolb.

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