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What do you think about "blanketing" our greatest need?

What I mean by that is, doing what we did last year where OL was our greatest need, and we spent our top 2 picks on OL. I loved the move. Walsh did the same thing in '81 when we had a weak secondary, and he drafted Lott, Wright, and Williamson. You could say we did the same thing with the KR and PR game this past offseason, bringing in Ginn, K Williams, and Phillip Adams.

We've had the same issues for about 10 years now: weak secondary and weak pass rush; and they never get fixed because we'll just draft some guy in the 4th round, and when he doesn't work out, we're right back to where we started.

I wouldn't mind getting a QB in round 1, then spending 2 or 3 picks on the secondary (our greatest need right now).

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I agree with you, the team absolutely must get a QB and 2-3 DBs to expect to be a contender. How they do it IDK, they can sign a vet QB and CB and spend the 1st pick on another CB? A QB to develope behind said vet QB, a passrusher IDK.

Dream scenerio IMO would be to sign L.Woodley, A.Cromartie, and either D.McNabb, C.Palmer and draft a QB in the 1st, CB in the 2nd S in the 3rd
I think it makes sense to "blanket" our 3 biggest areas of need. At QB, OLB, and CB..but do so with a free agent/rookie combo
I also agree but I think since Luck isn't going to be in the draft that we should trade up to get Patrick Peterson or hope that Prince is available at 7. Then in the second we can take Ricky Stanzi from Iowa because he runs a pro style offense and has produced good numbers this year. And then in the 3rd draft another corner. [video]null[/video]
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