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Positions you want to see drafted next year

Originally posted by ninertico:
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
I am gonna say this name once, Greg Romeus, DE/OLB Pitt, he will be a stud at the next level.

I also like Von Miller.

Like both those guys, AB. Have you heard of Kerrigan? Trying to find more info on the dude.

I sure have heard of Ryan Kerrigan, I also like him alot. I see him as a 2nd rd pick more than a 1st like Miller and Romeus.


Strengths: A nice blend of burst, speed and power.

Weaknesses: Only weakness is his coverage. Not sure if he is a End or OLB at the next level.

Overall: Poised for a good year, he should be a 2nd round pick come april 2011.
CB and Center


linebacker (OLB or an upgrade over TKO if there's one too good to pass up, but preferably a monster OLB)
QB (may be higher [or lower] on my list depending on how Alex does)
C (only if we can find an upgrade over Heittman, otherwise I'd prefer a RG or RT if Davis bombs big time)
DL (stout NT or a good run stuffer/pass rusher to line up opposite Smith, whichever is better from the BPA)
WR (someone fast and flashy to complement Crabs and open up the field [and can catch the ball])

or of course BPA, if someone falls to us that has superstar written all over him, let's pull the trigger, the only position I would oppose drafting is TE.

that's my list in order of what we should address, but it also depends on what's available at our spot, for example I would take a very promising DL over what may look to be a mediocre corner and so on
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I agree with most people that the DL, CB need to be drafted but some say OC but I think the 9ers should look into resigning Baas to a 3 or 4 year deal. He has really filled in nice. Additionally I think a WR should be drafted.. possibly a first rounder in Julio Jones will drop to us? On that note

I originally went from CB to now thinking these spots will need upgrading via draft or FA.

QB (or Vet QB as if any are available) - Highest Priority
FB - Medium Priority (vet or draft... Norris has to be upgraded
C - Medium Priority (It would be nice to get a C who can push the middle)
RG - High Priority (Snyder/Rachal/Wragge... RG will probably be weak spot on OL)
DE - Medium Priority (Someone to work with Soap/McDonald/backup Smith)
ILB Depth - Lowest Priority (If Spikes leaves we have Willis/McKillop/Bowman)
OLB - Highest Priority (If Lawson wants big bucks he isn't getting it... he is great on 1st and 2nd down but doesn't get a pass rush)
CB - High Priority (Clements, Spencer, Adams.. Brown.. we need someone else)
FS - High Priority (Goldson playing like he has and wanting big $ = High Priority (R.Smith doesn't do much for me)

As of now if we don't address any of these issues in free agency I would go:

1st - QB
2nd - OLB (Pass Rusher/Every Down LB)
3rd - CB
4th - RG
4th - FS
5th - C
6th - DE
6th - FB
7th - NT Depth
7th - ILB Depth
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BPA except RB/MLB/TE.

Everyone is replaceable in my eyes other than Gore/V.Davis/Willis.

But if I have to name emergency positions:
S - both of our starts suck
OLB (can we finally get a pass rushing specialist on this team? Ever since we switched to the 3-4, we have never made it a priority to draft guys fitting the 2 most important spots (NT/Pass-Rush OLB). We got lucky Franklin really developed.)

For QB either I'd like to draft Luck or go the Veteran QB/late round flier route.

I actually think our need at CB may be exaggerated because of how bad our S's/lack of pass rush are. There is only 2-3 guys in the league at a given time that can be on an island and stop a WR. Great teams actually *gasp* support their CB's with safety over the top who can actually read a f**king play and a pass rush.
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All I want is Harbaugh as our head coach and to do whatever it takes to get Andrew Luck. I cant take another year of Singletary and Smith.

Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
All I want is Harbaugh as our head coach and to do whatever it takes to get Andrew Luck. I cant take another year of Singletary and Smith.


draft Harbaugh
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1. QB
2. QB
3. QB
4. QB
5. QB
6. QB
7. QB

At least one of them has to be the right pick.
Can we draft an offensive co-ordinator by any chance? Almost anyone would be an improvement.
But honestly, I'd like to see us draft a DL in the second round and maybe another in the fourth of fifth, and in the first round a WR, a CB or a QB (depending on how this year works out). Now I now I just opened myself up to a swarm of A. smith fans, but let's be honest, if he cannot lead this team to either a above .500 record or a playoff spot, I think he'll be replaced. He is decent, but no better, no less and our goal is to win, not just be good enough. I will not accept mediocrity and niether should the organization (especially one with a history of being committed to excellence).
I would like to see us use our 1st round pick on a new owner. Then he could use our 2nd and 3rd round picks to draft a new head coach and offensive coordinator!

QUARTER-EFFING-BACK. Course we should of gotten last year too...
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