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Which late round guys should we be looking at?

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Skelton from Fordam looks like a possible late round pick.
Besides for McKnight who i like a lot, any other change of pace backs?
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Arthur Jones, dt Syracuse. Tony Pike Qb cin. Then the best two Cbs left with the last two picks.
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
Besides for McKnight who i like a lot, any other change of pace backs?

I would have loved McKnight but he's long gone...thanks to us giving up that 4th but then again he was picked exactly one spot before our original 4th round pick :)
I say we take a chance at Myron Rolle from FSU. It's a shame his stock has dropped so far just cause he wanted an education. He has first round talent too and would really help out on defense.
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I think Tony Pike would be a great late round pick if he's still available.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Originally posted by dman:
Anymore McCluster types out there?

Jacoby Ford is more of a pure WR, but has a lot in common with McCluster (short, quick, special teams skills). Trindon Holliday and Brandon James are smaller versions of McCluster, as is LeRoy Vann.

did anyone draft LeRoy Vann. yet if not im hoping we get him as a undrafted free agent
Phillip Adams - South Carolina State ( small black college in SC) not North Carolina State, webzone. Anyone have any info on him?
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