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Which teams do you think affect the niners draft the most?

What teams do you think affect the niner's draft. I know technically it is everyteam in front of them.

The ones that have me on the edge when I get home in about an hour will be:
Redskins-do they really take an OL, or QB or safety. Myabe something else....
Chiefs-Do they want OL or Saftey.
Seahawks-people say that Carrol like Berry and Clausen, yet they need OL
anyone figure out the song hints that he has dropped that is supposed to be clue to who the sea chikcens want to draft?

Then there is the Raider...with so much going on, is this the year he becomes sane and drafts wisely (God I hop not).

Then the Packers need a lineman and are said they want to move up. Is this Rodgers revenge #2 for not drafting him?

My stomach chruning....

What do you guys think the teams the niners need to keep an eye/ear on? Am I missing anything.
Chiefs, Jax and Buffalo
the 12 teams ahead of us..
Miami lookin to trade out would mess wit us
Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo.
All three teams are in the market for OT. Quarterback is also a consideration in 2 of the 3. The Raiders are the usual wildcard. The availability of a premier OT at 13 may depend on one or more of these teams.
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