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What happens if Haden not there at 13?

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I heard on Espn today if Perry not there at 7. Cleveland will take Haden. So if he go. Who do the 49ers take at 13?
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someone else???
See one of the 2,000 mock drafts here for the answer
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Originally posted by Jcool:
someone else???

But Who? Everyone had Haden penciled in at 13. If Browns take him. Who next on everyone list?
Take the best OT tackle first, then draft CB Kyle Wilson.

That would fill two very large needs.
From the majority of Webzoners here is how they rank secondary players

1 Berry
2A Haden
2B Thomas
3 Kyle Wilson

One of those 4 players will be available when the niners come up if we want to go that direction with our pick.
I hope he's not...then we can get Earl Thomas or trade back!!!
Originally posted by 9erluv415:
I hope he's not...then we can get Earl Thomas or trade back!!!

agreed. Haden is vastly overhyped. We need an OLineman to drop to us at 13! Bulaga? Davis?

If not we could use a ball hawk in the secondary. Thomas brings size issues but you can't deny his big-play ability.
We rejoice!
who the in the f*ck is Perry?

Thank God he is not there because it won't allow the 49ers to select the next Mike Rumph.
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