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Amigoj's 2010 49ers Mock Draft

I have been pondering over which players I feel the Niners should pick ever since the end of the season. I have had numerous different names for our slots but here is what my heart has concluded:

13. Charles Brown (OT), USC:

I actually like Brown better than Bulaga (short arms), Davis (trouble maker), and Campbell (gifted but lazy). Brown started out as a late 1st rounder but now he is definitely a hot commodity. He reminds me of a raw Ryan Clady. Bottomline, we need O-line help!

17. Maurkice Pouncey (C), Florida:

Yes, I wanted Brandon Graham (BEAST). Yes, I wanted Iupati (BEAST). But I went with the un-sexy pick because I just felt that Pouncey would one day LEAD our O-line to the promised land (Super Bowl). And a Guard could be had at later rounds. Trust me, I would love to have Graham or Iupati on our team!

49. Nate Allen (FS), South Florida:

Let’s bring in this ball hawk and move Goldson to SS. NFL is becoming more and more of a pass happy league and having Goldson and Nate Allen roam around the field will help our defense tremendously. Let’s get him, no matter what!

79. Cam Thomas (DT), North Carolina:

A Big boy that will anchor our D-line for a long time. Put him behind Aubrayo Franklin for about 2 years and have him just get stronger and bigger!

113. Marshall Newhouse (G), TCU:

He is quick on his feet (5.00 40-time @ 320lbs)… and excels in run game. Should help open up a lot a holes for Gore… And help push Chilo to become better.

182. Leroy Vann (WR/PR/KR), Florida A&M:

He would be valuable in the punt returns… Vann seems to have a knack for just going straight up after the catch…without getting hit! Could become one of the best punt return specialist in the game. Also a good insurance policy in case Ginn Jr has problem holding on to the ball.

206. Nate Byham (TE), Pitt:

Good blocking TE with pretty good all around game.

224. CB or LB

I have waited way too long for us to get back to the playoffs. Let's do this already!
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Not bad.

Pouncey > Iupati
Let me know if someone on my mock just makes you angry or happy!
Why would you get an OT and G/C with the first 2 picks and take yet another Guard in the 4th? There's no way that's happening. Pouncey will play OG for us if he's drafted for the first 3 years until Heitmann's contract is up. Why waste a 4th rounder to sit on the bench for 3 years when this draft is deep enough to get an actual contributer ...
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Charles Brown at #13 and Pouncey at #17 are both way too early.
Originally posted by TJA85:
Charles Brown at #13 and Pouncey at #17 are both way too early.

I promise you that Charles Brown at #13 is not early in this draft. Pouncey... yeah, a little early but would you rather draft someone that is a bust at 17th spot or get someone a little early that is going to be solid for the next 10 years? (obviously move down is plausible but you won't be able to go down much because Denver needs a Center badly and they sure could move up with two 2nd round picks).
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