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My Final 1st Round Mock Draft! This will happen ;)! OPINIONS?

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Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
I don't see Jax taking Spiller, they need a LB bad! I think they go with McClain

Jax is a run first offense. Nearly a 70/30 ration, favoring the run. I know they would like to preserve MJD, so i wouldnt be surprised if they take Spiller.

Yes. But they have nobody at linebacker. They can always pick up a RB to spell Mo in the 2nd round. They have Daryl Smith at OLB, who is very solid, but is not a game-changing type. I think McClain will be their pick (if available) or a DL.

True. It will be interesting to see! My sleeper pick is that Spiller will go to the Jags.
has anyone ever actually watched tape on Iupati? this guy it terrible... definitely not NFL caliber.
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ESPN say's 49ers really impressed with Mike Iupati
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