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Final Mock w/ a touch of swagger

1. St. Louis- Sam Bradford- QB
2. Detroit- Ndamukong Suh- DT
3. Tampa Bay- Gerald McCoy- DT
4. Washington- Trent Williams- OT
5. Kansas City- Russell Okung- OT
6. Seattle- Eric Berry- FS
7. Cleveland- Derrick Morgan- OLB
8. Oakland- Taylor Mays- SS
9. Buffalo- Anthony Davis- OT
10. Jacksonville- Jason Pierre- Paul- DE
11. Denver- Dez Bryant- WR
12. Miami- C.J. Spiller- RB
13. San Francisco- Joe Haden- CB
14. Seattle- Ryan Mathews- RB
15. New York Giants- Devin McCourty- CB
16. Tennessee- Jimmy Clausen- QB
17. San Francisco- Bryan Bulaga- OT
18. Pittsburgh- Kyle Wilson- CB
19. Atlanta- Brandon Graham- DE
20. Houston- Earl Thomas- FS/CB
21. Cincinnati- Jermaine Gresham- TE
22. New England- Demaryius “Bey-Bey” Thomas- WR
23. Green Bay- Patrick Robinson- CB
24. Philadelphia- Jahvid Best- RB
25. Baltimore- Kareem Jackson- CB
26. Arizona- Sean Weatherspoon- WLB
27. Dallas- Maurkice Pouncey- C/OG
28. San Diego- Jared Odrick- DE
29. New York Jets- Jerry Hughes- OLB
30. Minnesota- Dan Williams- NT/DT
31. Indianapolis- Roger Saffold- OT/OG
32. New Orleans- Nate Allen- S
I can dig it, though the Niners will be all over Bulaga if he drops to 13.
And we get Iupati in the second round?
man i need it to be 24 hours from now i can quit stressing it. i just want the picks now
Originally posted by theninermaniac:

If all the GM's forget about him too, we'll be golden.
OG rarely if ever get drafted in the 1st round. This draft is the deepest draft in decades. Iupati only showed the ability to play LG. Those that think he can play OT, are kidding themselves. He can't even play RG. Iupati is a 2nd round talent at best. Then again, this is just my opinion.
Mays to the raiders!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
I can dig it, though the Niners will be all over Bulaga if he drops to 13.

If Bulaga does fall to 13, he'll fall to 17 because none of the teams 14,15,16 are in need of an OT. I say Sea could very well use one, but Bulaga doesn't fit their scheme and i say gibbs has the talent to make do with mid round ot's.
Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Mays to the raiders!!!!!!!!!

Fits on every level dont it?

Player went to USC, Al loves USC players....Check

Player is an athletic freak in every sense....Check

Player is the fastest at his position....Check

yeah we pick OT at 13
BOBBY LEE way Buluga falls out of the top way. Sub in Davis or a trade down and get Brown from USC
No on Haden.
Agree with everyone else. If BB falls to 13, no way he falls past that spot.
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