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LT Bulaga at 13, S Earl Thomas at 17

If that happens I would be extremely happy

This is the speed and quickness we need!!!!
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That would be ideal, IMO
Originally posted by 9erluv415:

This is the speed and quickness we need!!!!

I can see him taking it back to the house every time he touches the ball. Very Ed Reed-esk.
IF that happens, we better get on our knees and thank the football gods. Buluga is a premier tackle, guys. That guy, Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech that all these "Draft Gurus" are so high on? Well Buluga held his ass without a tackle, assist, sack in the Orange Bowl win.

There were only TWO tackles all year long that achieved such success against Morgan: Buluga and Univ of Miami tackle Jason Fox (who I believe, is VERY underrated. Some team out there will get a STEAL with him)

I live in Austin, TX. Earl Thomas is a hell of a player. He's hungry and VERY fast. Coverage: CHECK
Tackling: CHECK
Instincts: CHECK

Future Pro Bowler.
I'm praying to all those gods out there right now!
I wouldn't be too unhappy with this but I just can't help thinking we aren't getting great positional value by picking a RT (with short arms who some have valued much lower) and a safety in the first round.

If we take a tackle at 13 I want him to be able to play both sides well, starting at RT and eventually maybe moving to LT. Also, it seems like there are several great DBs who could be available with our second rounder like Nate Allen.
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do it!!!
This would be a dream come true. Some have Davis higher than Bulaga and I'd be happy with Davis and Thomas too. I want Earl Thomas and I think we should take him at 13 if the OT's are gone. Then perhaps trade down from the 17th to get Charles Brown in the mid-20's?

I really don't get why people don't understand how badly we need a safety. Compare the depth at CB and safety and it should be clear that the need there is as great as it is at OT. Thomas is a better player overall than Haden as well, it just makes too much sense.
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