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Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB/S, Indiana (PA)

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If he's there in the 3rd, make it happen.

But IDK, do people think he would last until then? I'm wondering if, say, we get Graham and Brown/Davis/any OT really, if it would be worth taking him in the 2nd? CB is definitely a need, and it wouldn't hurt to have more return speed...Or is that way too much of a reach?

There are a bunch of CBs that have value from the late 1st through the 3rd rounds... yes, I believe AOA could be available for us with #79 overall.

I don't think he'd be there at #79, the lowest I see him going is to the Cowboys with their 2nd rounder. If we want him, we can either acquire an addition mid-2nd round pick, or use our #49.

You could certainly be right. Here's my CB projections right now, and NO, I'm not claiming to be a draft guru know-it-all scout. Point is, there are a lot of CBs that coud be seen as better value from bigger schools than AOA. Don't be at all shocked if somehow AOA falls to the 4th round.

1. Joe Haden – Florida – {Top 20}
2. Earl Thomas - Texas - {Top 20}
3. Kyle Wilson – Boise State – {1st round}
4. Devin McCourty – Rutgers - {1st/2nd round}
5. Kareem Jackson - Alabama - {2nd round}
6. Patrick Robinson – Florida State – {2nd round}
7. Brandon Ghee - Wake Forest - {3rd round}
8. Dominique Franks – Oklahoma – {3rd round}
9. Chris Cook - Virginia - {3rd round}
10. Jerome Murphy - S. Florida - {3rd round}
11. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah – Indiana U. (PA) – {3rd round}
12. Perrish Cox – Oklahoma State – {3rd round}
13. Amari Spievey – Iowa – {4th round}
14. Donovan Warren - Michigan - {4th round}
15. Myron Lewis – Vanderbilt – {4th round}
16. Alterraun Verner – UCLA – {4th round}
17. Kevin Thomas - USC - {4th/5th round}
18. Walter McFadden - Auburn - {4th/5th round}
19. Javier Arenas – Alabama – {4th/5th round}
20. Syd’Quan Thompson – California – {5th round}
21. Walter Thurmond III – Oregon – {5th round}
22. Trevard Lindley – Kentucky – {5th round}
23. A.J. Jefferson - Fresno State - {5th round}
24. Crezdon Butler - Clemson - {6th round}
25. Nolan Carroll - Maryland - {6th round}
26. David Pender - Purdue -{6th round}
27. Devin Ross – Arizona – {6th round}
28. Chris Hawkins - Louisiana State - {7th round}
29. Joshua Moore - Kansas State - {7th round}
30. Ben Burney - Colorado - {7th round}

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OTC, this one is for you! I figured this guy need his own thread.

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah-CB/S-Indiana (PA), 6-0 207 4.33
His name is a mouthful, his talent and skills are bountiful. Owusu-Ansah, a phenomenal player at the small-school level was easily one of the most feared players in his league. A dynamic performer who made starts at both corner and safety, Akwasi was a guy quarterbacks didn't dare to throw against; and when they did, they paid. The kid picked off 8 passes last season and this season, he had two over the course of the first two games before teams stopped throwing at him. Ansah has the makings of an excellent press cover corner because of his freakish combination of size, strength (21 reps of 225), and blinding speed. Ansah is not just a physical beast and a great cover corner, he's also a dazzling return man who ran back 5 for touchdowns last season (3 on punts, 2 on kickoffs). He's had at least one return touchdown each of the past three years, whether it be an interception return, a kickoff return, or punt return. The kid is a freak of nature, and a dangerous player in multiple facets of the game. His versatility mentioned earlier only increases his value further, and the 49ers, who need a player like Ansah would have to select him here if they want him at all. Ansah will not make it to our 3rd rounder. Draft Profile

Haha. First thing I read was the quoted box, and thought, "Hmm.. that sure looks familia-- Oh."
The Ansah
He supports the run well, and has some ball skills. To my eye though he would be a better safety than corner JMO!
And this guy played at a backwater school (Indiana of Pa), instead of a big-time program, because..........?

Haven't seen Owusu-Ansah play, but I do believe that CB Jerome Murphy of South Florida, has a lot of Ronnie Lott qualities in his game.
The punt return TD was awesome. The ONLY knock on him is he's from a small school.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
The punt return TD was awesome. The ONLY knock on him is he's from a small school.

Yeah, but some of the best players in the NFL are small school guys.
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