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Man in the Middle

Just read an interesting article from Barrows about the 49ers taking a NT in the 1st. I have a sneaky suspicion that we may go that way first before going OT, RB or CB. Barrows says:

The 49ers already have a very good nose tackle in Aubrayo Franklin, another Tennessee product. The question is, for how long? Franklin, 29, was franchised this offseason and, barring a long-term contract, will play the 2010 season on a one-year deal. The 49ers are working on a long-term contract for Franklin, but they have so many notable players playing on short-term deals - Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Dashon Goldson, Alex Smith, Manny Lawson, etc. - that it's hard to see all of them being taken care of. Bringing in another nose tackle would at the very least give the 49ers some added leverage.

Read more:

I have a sneaky suspicion all the Claussen talk and now with the acquisition of Ginn, if there's a NT available that's tops in the draft at 13, we certainly pull the trigger. What are your thoughts about this. I'm not a draftnik so I have no idea without you folks help!
In the end it all depends on who is available.
I am not a fan of drafting Williams at #13. If we have already gotten our OT with 13 and he is still available at #17 then I say go for it.

My point being that an OT is substantially more important right now than a man in the middle.
I'm not sure about targeting one in the first round but their are solid NT's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that could be available. I doubt Cody will be available at 49 but Cam Thomas, Torrel Troup and Linval Joseph are solid options and one could drop to 79 if we decide to address other needs in the 2nd.
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
I'm not sure about targeting one in the first round but their are solid NT's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that could be available. I doubt Cody will be available at 49 but Cam Thomas, Torrel Troup and Linval Joseph are solid options and one could drop to 79 if we decide to address other needs in the 2nd.

This, I don't want a NT in the 1st.
I understand the notion of drafting NT being that we need depth and that Franklin hasn't signed long term YET.

With that said NT needs to be much lower on our list of gets in the draft behind OT, DB, OG, DE/OLB and maybe even change of pace RB.

A winning team in our situation with 2 picks in the 1st round could afford to spend one of them on a NT for the future if Franklin doesn't sign on long term.

Drafting a NT now not only makes no sense for next season other than depth but it also would basically mark the end of Franklin's tender with the 9ers after this season right? I mean if we invest big in a NT at 13 or 17 why would we then spend big on Franklin a veteran NT? I don't think the 9ers want to send that message to Franklin just yet.

I really do not think Baalke will draft for the future neither her nor Sing has time to waste they both need to get this team into the playoffs this year and drafting a NT is a pick with the eye on the future.

Won't happen, in the 2nd round maybe but I even doubt that Baalke said today he wanted 4 starters out of the draft and I'm sure he wants a min of 3 for this year.
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It really comes down to BPA. If Baalke and friends consider Dan Williams a higher prospect than the others, expect him to be picked especially if the Franklin long term deal becomes tepid.

Again, I believe if one of the top four OTs is there at #13, it trumps everything. If not, NT, CB, S, DE/OLB and OG become our options. If we sign LaBoy, then that takes pass rusher off the list. Imagine if Haden and E. Thomas are gone, too. That leaves D. Williams, Spiller and Iupati.

It could be a very interesting draft...indeed.
Thank you everyone for your responses. This one the many great reasons I come to the zone! This area of our team I know very little about. You all have the time to put so much research into potential picks and moves!!!

Thanks folks!!!
What the heck is Balmer's position, NT or DE?
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Regarding Dashon Goldson. Although he was good last year, I hear talk about moving him to SS and drafting a FS? Would it be more logical to pass on a player like Earl Thomas and look for a SS in later rounds and leave Goldson at FS? I think the bigger concern is who will fill Michael Lewis as he nears the end of his career. They're are many talented FS's in this years draft but I am beginning to feel confident in Goldson as our FS of the future, not SS. Is it easier to draft a FS and push Goldson to SS or to leave Goldson at FS and draft SS? I thinking moving a player to a different position following a break out year would not make much sense.

Dan Williams. For some reason, drafting DT's early in the draft scares the s**t out of me. Perhaps because of our track record with drafting DL but either way I am scared of this player. Although this years draft class in DL is a very high one, and depth at NT is very necessary, I am still scared of drafting this player. I did do some research on Dan Williams and honestly he does look like a very very good football player and I could be very wrong, I just do not want the 49ers to draft DL with our first pick.

Anthony Davis. If Davis, Spiller, and Haden are all available at 13, who do we pick? I think the better question is, who of these players will still be available at the 17th pick. Although this situation is not very likely, it could very well happen. The decision will not come down to who is the highest player on our board, but who is the most likely to still be available at 17. When I think of Davis, I think of his combine performance, which was bad. I think of a player who has a ton of potential, but scares me. I am more confident in Charles Brown out of USC but know that he is too much of a reach at 17. So I my question still lies at who will we pick if these players are available at 13?

Sergio Kindle. Sergio Kindle is a very intriguing player to me. When I think of him I think of Brian Orakpo. I also think that we have many solid OLB on our current roster and wonder if taking a player like Kindle would give us the best value. I think he is going to be a very good player and if he is available at 17, we should take a very serious look at drafting him.

In conclusion. I think taking BPA gives us the best chance to draft a good football player. I don't want to draft Davis unless he is available at 17 and I am willing to take that risk. I would have no problem drafting Haden/Kindle Spiller/Kindle Spiller/Iupati and taking Roger Saffold or Vladimir Ducasse in the 2nd. Something to think about.

Originally posted by teeohh:
What the heck is Balmer's position, NT or DE?

Bench They plug him in wherever but he plays to high and with little to any leverage to be a NT.
Not a fan of drafting Williams at 13.

It's my opinion that the 49ers need to walk away with two immediate starters from this year's draft. Assuming we sign Franklin, Williams will be the backup (plus, NT rarely make an impact right away. It's a very developmental position).

That's why if we decide to go NT, we can easily address it in later rounds.
Originally posted by jreff22:
In the end it all depends on who is available.
Dan Williams is a legitimate option because Franklin hasn't signed a long-term deal so he could very well revert to his medicore playing ways to piss off the management.

Plus Franklin turns 30 in August. The 49ers are not going to sign him to a 5 yr deal, maybe more like a 3yr deal. Balmer's slow development and switch to a 3-4 DE, has set this team back.
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