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Ok, who do you want the 49ers to draft in the first?

Originally posted by fryet:
Hi MadDog, thanks for responding. Can I assume that Bulaga would be in category #1 for you?

I see very limited upside with Bulaga, and with fairly short arms, I'm simply not a big fan. Would he be an upgrade over Snyder? Surely. Is he good value at 13? Not in my opinion.

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Originally posted by fryet:
Let's break it into 4 categories:

1. Probably gone, but would grab them if they fell
2. I would be happy if the 49ers drafted these players
3. These would be ok picks
4. I hope the 49ers don't draft these guys

1. Berry, Bulaga
2. Haden, Thomas, Graham, Spiller, Iupati
3. Dan Williams, Trent Williams, Clausen, McClain
4. Sergio Kindle, Anthony Davis, Pierre-Paul
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