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Would you draft Clausen?

Would you draft Clausen?

Not trying to hate on Clausen, but he is a player we shouldn't even think about at this time. It doesn't matter who we have at QB, if we don't address the offensive line then any QB is likely to underperform. I wont complain if he's still on the board at 17 and we get him, but we NEED and OL with the 13th pick. Think about the team needs first. Now I'll be upset if we get CJ Spiller in the first round, we don't NEED a RB, atleast in the 1st round.
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If the 9ers traded up with the 17th to get a solid RT and picked up Clausen @ 13, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

A lot of the time, I feel like the 9ers are too conservative with the draft and free agency. This would be an "all in" move for 2 blue chip players to help get the offense up near the same caliber as the D and quickly.

One without the other is a gamble. You can get a solid RT and hope that Smith pans out, or you can get Clausen and hope that whoever fell to you at RT can take care of business. Go for both and not only gain instant credibility, but solidify your line and QB for the next 5-10 years.

Everything is a risk man. Who knows if Clausen will be legit or not.

IMO there are a lot less questions about Claussen than Smith (either coming out of Utah, or now). Secondly, Smith has a 1 year contract. Either he is great this year and shops the market, or sucks and we are no better off.

Agreed, everything is a risk, I am just saying I would spend a lot of time considering this one, and if I was thinking Clausen was my guy, I would push all my chips in for an OT that could most likely get the job done protecting him (as well as helping our #1 offensive threat #21), rather than one that can maybe/probably get the job done, or might need some work. I would be surprised if there is anyone that doesn't think Okung isn't a more game ready tackle than Iupati or Brown.

In any case, I don't think it is going to happen, but if I was going to do it, this is how I would do it.
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