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Trent Williams vs. Bryan Bulaga

Trent Williams vs. Bryan Bulaga

So, there has been a lot of debate about who will fall, and which OT to take if they're available. Two of the names which may not even get to 13, but there remains a chance that they will are Trent Williams and Bryan Bulaga. If both were somehow available when we pick, who would you want?

My opinion of the two is that Bulaga is the player with the higher floor, and Williams is the player with the higher ceiling. In this particular case, I go for the home run, and the senior who already has a proven track record at RT: Trent Williams. I know people are high on Bulaga as the 2nd overall OT, but with Williams' excellent athleticism which he demonstrated at the combine, and the fact that he has had no off the field issues, I think he has to be the pick.

Also, I think one of the reasons he didn't do as well at LT is due to coaching and lack of experience on the left side (it was his first time playing there), whereas one of the reasons Bulaga did so well is also due to coaching, as Iowa has historically shipped out more initially refined OL talent. We now have one of the best O-line coaches in the league, so let's use him and take advantage of a talent like Williams.

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Williams is the more physically gifted player.
Charlie Casserly thinks Bulaga will fall because a lot of teams will view him as a RT only. Charlie is always insightful but I'm not sure I agree with him on this one. I suppose it depends on how we define "fall"

I'd be pretty surprised (and happy) if no one in front of us took him.
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Tough choice but if both were available I would think Trent Williams fits Solari type of OL. I believe that athletic linemen are better suited for pulling and trapping blocking schemes.

Bualuga reminds me of Harris Barton a good technician, but Williams might be Steve Wallace type OT.
Bulaga can play both tackle positions very well, and is more game ready IMO. Williams I see as being better as a RT, and could be an ok player at LT. He has more potential, but I'd rather go with the sure thing early.
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