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Tico's new non-OL first round, great value mock

1 Rams Sam Bradford--Bye Bulger, Hello Bradford
2 Lions N. Suh--BPA at need
3 Bucs Gerald McCoy--took the DT that dropped
4 Redskins Russell Okung--BPA at position of need
5 Chiefs Trent Williams--Need at OT outweighed decision
6 Seahawks Bryan Bulaga--Perfect fit for zone scheme, starts immediately
7 Browns Eric Berry--Another perfect fit for putrid secondary
8 Raiders Anthony Davis--Need at OT, fits personality of a Raider
9 Bills Jimmy Clausen--BPA and a franchise QB all in one
10 Jaguars Joe Haden--Florida stays in Florida while taking care of huge need
11 Broncos Dez Bryant--I think Marshall goes so Bryant fills need.
12 Dolphins Dan Williams--Just a great fit to Nolan's D or McClain could be it
13 49ers C.J. Spiller, RB/WR/RS--BPA hands down now with no OT in sight
14 Seahawks Derrick Morgan--Carroll gets his new Elephant for his 4-3
15 Giants Rolando McClain--They thank their lucky stars, fits immediate need
16 Titans Jason Pierre-Paul--Takes care of anemic pass rush
17 49ers Earl Thomas, FS--BPA again and we no longer get burned up top.

Rd 2--R. Saffold, OT--Becomes our new RT and great value as a second rounder
Rd 3--P. Cox, CB--He will drop due to his issues will add additional value in ST
Rd 4--B. Spikes, ILB--Yes, he drops this far watch. We land a steal and he can play ST
Rd 5--M. Newhouse, OG--Great potential at OG who can provide some depth
Rd 6--K. Basped, DE/OLB--More depth for ST and PS
Rd 7--T. Ivey, NT--A great prospect to develop in the PS

Just a little mock to change pace. I did one with two OLs. Now, one without. I really hope we land one of the top four OTs, but I wouldn't mind this.

PS--Great idea from fellow zoner in that why not trade our second for Gaither and get a seasoned vet who can immediately start. Nice.

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I would love this but i don't see Saffold slipping to 49. He's on the rise right now and could easily be drafted in the first round.
Staffold won't get past 40 we would have to trade up which I acually don't mind doing
Spikes that late.... oh my... I'd be so damn happy. Don't think it will happen, though. I like that mock though. Good job.
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Saffold has the possibility to be there when we pick in the 2nd round.

All we need is a team like the Raiders to screw up a pick, or a team to reach and there Saffold is falling right into our laps.

I'd prefer B. Graham over Earl Thomas though.
Great Mock

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