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6th & 7th Round Picks

In the last 5 drafts, how many of our 6th & 7th round selections are still w/the team and playing?

I ask because I'm curious why our selectors don't package all of of them to move up where players of better potential are. My logic is that I feel it's better to get 3-4 starters/people who actually play than 6-7 picks over the years of maybes who ultimately don't make the grade.

Your thoughts.
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No one wants 6th - 7th rounders.
or if we could just draft Marques Colston and Ahmad Bradshaw we'd keep our 6th and 7th rounders.

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I see your logic, but if you have more picks your chances are higher of possible starters. Unfortunetly, the draft is a crap shoot...your giving large sums of money to young men that have little life experience. You never know how they are going to handle it and themselves.
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One may be RS/WR B.Banks (even if we got a RS earlier)

If not,,,
I'll go with a couple local guys

TE J.Dray, Stanford
could win that 3rd "Blocking TE" spot
NT E.Udofia, Stanford
Not much production, but good size for project NT
Josh Morgan and Delanie Walker were both 6th rounders.

Eric Heitmann along with Kyle Kosier(who now starts for the Cowboys) were both 7th rounders.

Oh yea there's that Tom Brady fella.

Sometimes it's scouting...sometimes it's luck.
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