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My 5rd Niners draft

Not bad, I really want Trent Williams.
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Originally posted by NTeply49:
Originally posted by irishluder:
NTeply49: really good input...I'm with you on the idea of waiting for a RT until the 2nd...I'm high on Rodger Saffold.

If that was the case then, and I'm working on another mock that skips OT in the 1st, I'd love in order:

CJ Spiller
Joe Haden
Earl Thomas
Brandon Graham
Mike Iupati
Kyle Wilson

the rest depends on the 13th and 17th picks

Keep in mind the Eagles just signed McNabb so I am expecting them to look offensive tackle early to protect McNabb, but is there an OT that fits well in Shannahans zone scheme or has had success in the past with late round talents? Hes got a stable of Rb's at his disposal, and look for the skins to be top 5 in rushing this year.

By my count 7 teams in the top 10 need an OT including the Lions, Redskins, Chiefs, Seahawks, Raiders, and Bills. Clausen will probably make it to the Bills, and maybe even the Browns will look at him with the Holmgreen era beginning in Cleveland. He brought in Walace to be a mentor, and theres a lot of Hype around Tebow. With safeties normally not warranting a top 10 salary, OTs might be the better value for those teams, and Berry could potentially fall to us.

If Haden is available, he has to be the guy at 13 if there isnt a top OT on the board. If Haden, Thomas, and Berry were on the board at 13 tho, I would be torn. Who offers better value, a #1 Corner, or a Safety that learned from one of the best defensive minds in football and ran his defense. Although I believe Berry is the better all around player, I would not be against Haden at 13 and Thomas at 17 with a guy like Saffold, Ducasse, or Veldheer at OT in the 2nd or 3d depending on whos available at pick 49. A change of pace back is needed as I have stated in my post in

In the 2nd I would like a guy like Best, or McCluster in the 3d, or like u have, a Joe McKnight later in the draft. I love the Gilyard pick in the 3d, but would rather find a quality change of pace back and find a receiver later because I am pretty comfortable with Morgan, Crabtree, Davis, and Walker as our base formation, and a guy like McCluster could come in on 3d down in a pro set with Gore, Morgan, Davis, and Crabtree, and motion to the slot, or swing both hbs out into the flats forcing defenses to choose between guarding routes down field, or taking away our short game. I just feel a game breaker like Spiller, Best, or McCluster is crucial to our offense taking the next step. Now that Ive thought this through, if Berry, Thomas, Haden, and Wilson are available Id go Berry 13, Spiller 17, Ducasse, Veldheer, Jerry, or Saffold at 49, and then a cornerback, either Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Brandon Ghee, Patrick Robinson, or Chris Cook in the 3d. From there I dont know what id do, but I hope we grab J'Marcus Webb in the 6th.

Heres the sleeper pick J'Marcus Webb, that could beavailable between the 4th - 6th. Hes on a couple teams radar now.

Nice bouncing ideas off you. Keep up the good work

promoting your post ahh......
Originally posted by irishluder:
Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
^ Is that you Scot? Get off our board, you don't work for the 49ers anymore!

LOL, I was thinking the same thing.

Williams would be ok...but would rather have Bulaga or Davis...because both have LT ability. I really don't see Singletary taking Thomas...or any S not named Berry that early. He's happy w/Goldson's progress and also feels Reggie Smith is ready to step up at SS. Haden, I could see...because he's the best CB in the draft. But, if he's gone, I hope Coach/Baalke take Iupati or Pouncey after they get their OT. Beef up the trenches...that's where we need help the why not get the best while you can. You have no DL picks...but LDE is a need, make no mistake. We could arguably get someone like Alualu in the 2nd rd and upgrade that position, making our DL a lot more productive. Put a stud in there as a bookend to Justin Smith and now we've really got something. Strengthen your DL and it makes your front 7 better, which makes life easier for your secondary.
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