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Which player do you NOT want the 9ers to draft?

Originally posted by Toronto49er:
Hi everyone

Im not asking which player you dont want the 9ers to draft in round one as that has been covered, im asking which player you dont want on the team no matter what. even if they were available with our last pick in the 7th round. For me that player is Jordan Shipley. this guy is older than most players available, he's slower than most WR, and does not have sure hands. he will have a terrible pro career IMO. I'd be pissed even if we took him in the 7th. let me know who you think belongs on this list.


Shipley doesn't have good hands? Say what? I don't know what player you've been watching, but the kid has better hands than most of the guys we already have. Not blazing speed to be sure, esp on the track, but he's quick and fearless and has good football speed when someone's chasing him down. Would be a good poissession receiver for someone and could potentially have a very solid football career. Couldn't disagree with you more.
Don't want Dez Bryant above the 2nd round, Taylor Mays or Anthony Davis.
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Lagarrette Blount. I'll never forget his cheap shot against one of my Boise State guys. I think he could be a decent player but I'm not sure I could actually root for him.

get over it

Its not like your cheap shot on massoli a couple years ago was any better! Actually took him out for half the season..
This question is too broad.
I'm gonna be so disgusted if this friggin'... person is a Niner...

In rd 1, the player I DO NOT want the 49ers to draft is Taylor Mays. I want a football player, not an athlete.

In rd 2, the player I do not want is Tim Tebow. His skills can't help us much in the next year or 2 and we already have a developmental QB in Davis.
Originally posted by jimrat201:
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Originally posted by jesserdumas2:
Hands down, Jimmy Clausen.

That guy has the absolute most punchable face I've ever seen.

I mean just look at him and tell me you don't want to give this kid a savage beating.

Sorry. This guy still owns the "most punchable face" I've ever seen.

Haha is that bobs big boy

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