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Cowboys May Move Up In Draft To Pick 12

Everybody should stop panicking and step away from the ledge. We are in a great spot and will come away from the 1st round in this draft with 2 very good football players.
If they get Earl Thomas I think I'll vomit
Originally posted by DaveWilcox:
Everybody should stop panicking and step away from the ledge. We are in a great spot and will come away from the 1st round in this draft with 2 very good football players.

I'm ok if they go with Earl Thomas. I want Kyle Wilson anyways. If they move up for Thomas, it makes it more of a possibility.

Now if they go OT that might hurt a bit but i agree with you. Either way we should be able to land two good football players. Plenty of 2nd(and 3rd) round talent on the offensive line is available anyways.
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They're going for Dez.
Dez Bryant or Earl Thomas.
If Trent Williams falls I can see them moving ahead of us to take him which would be a nice kick in the balls. I could also see them moving up for Earl Thomas or Taylor Mays.

I gotta question for the Zone...If your the 49ers AND Trent Williams is off the board, would you trade the 13th pick to the Cowboys for their 27th overall pick and a 2nd rd pick? It would be tempting.
I hope they're going after Dez.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
If they're moving up to nab Dez Bryant, then I hope it happens. That is all.

That would be it Imo. However after his pedestrian pro day I don't think they'd have to go that far.
I've been a huge fan of drafting a OT in first round but the way things are playing out with the Redskins (probably) and maybe Cowboys now going OT in the 1st, it looks like we are going to miss out on the top 4 OT's.

That being said, I think we trade out of the 13th pick if there is a good enough offer and pickup later 1st and additional 2nd rounder.

You may not end up with a pro bowl quality OT from the 2nd tier group but a solid RT for years to come is not out the question.

We then have 3 more picks in the 1st two rounds to grab OG, DB and pass rusher all of whom should start and make an impact right away!
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Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by BoiseNiner:
Originally posted by al49erfan:
Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by English:
I am no Cowboys expert but isn't that what Doug Free was for?

Doug Free for them is like Adam Snyder for us - swing OL player but shouldn't be a full-time starter.

They could obtain a blue chip prospect at #12.

The guys on NFL countdown yesterday were talk about him being the starter, Mark Schlereth(sp?) was saying he liked him on that edge. From the way people talk about him i dont think Snyder at all...

I believe the Dallas FO is high on Free as well. IMO they might want to upgrade the LT spot so Free can play RT over Columbo, whom i hear they wouldn't mind upgrading from.

IMO though i think they are targeting Earl Thomas. They need a ballhawking safety and Thomas fits the bill. Many teams after 12 are in need of a FS as well. The 49ers and Seahawks(if Berry is unavailable at 6) are just a few examples of teams in the teens that could look to draft Thomas.

The FO may be high on them, but that doesn't mean he is a legit starter in the league. Again, good depth player and fill-in starter, but I don't think he'll be a sure fire starter for them in the next few years.

That being said, I think Thomas seems right with the trade up after they released Hamlin.

True. I think going either route(OT or FS) would make the most sense.

The thing i don't get is why would the Dolphins want Barber? I know Parcells really likes the guy but they do have Brown and Ricky still. Both are solid inside the ten as well, which is what Barber is best at. The WildCat inside the 10 with Barber and Ricky on either side of Brown behind center is kinda freaky to think about though.

Ricky is near retirement and Brown has health issues.