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first rnd--2 DBs

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im thinking with the first round if we took 2 dbs.(i.e haden and thomas) we would immediatly turn our weak secondary into a top flight one. especially in two years. our defense would be really fierce. Go o-line in 2nd and 3rd.
If any of the top OT fall to 13, I just don't see the Niner's passing on them.
Would actually not be opposed to something like that, although since Baalke claims to have a similar draft philosophy to McCloughan, I think we'd probably take Mays over Thomas. I have enough trust in Solari that we don't necessarily have to burn high picks to fix our OL.

Our secondary is a really odd thing. Statistically they are awful, which is why so many 'expert' draftniks have us drafting secondary, but I think there are two reasons which make it look worse than it really is. Teams throw more on us because of how good our run D is, and alot of the damage was done through screens. Still could use help though, because of age and speed issues.
Would hate on that draft!

We have to get a OT with 1 of the first round picks, otherwise we go nowhere next year, barring a free agency pickup.

I think we can pickup starting db's in rounds 2-3 and depth in rounds 4 and 5.
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