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TexasNiner's Final (I think) draft.

Where do I sign up?

Good job dude.

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Mike Iupati!

We really don't need to draft a rush end that high, unless he's a special player. Pierre-Paul's a special athlete, but he's too raw for us at the moment. Plus, Lawson will be better and Ahmad Brooks deserves a serious look to play more than just 3rd downs.

We desperately need an OT and OG. Baas' sporadic play is why we won't pay him (1 year - 1.226 million), and why he's getting no love from the rest of the league (2nd round tender).

Earl Thomas is also a player I wouldn't mind seeing in Red & Gold.

[ Edited by doc_brown_ on Apr 1, 2010 at 19:51:12 ]
1 13 Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma/Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers.
1 17 Jason Pierre-Paul OLB, South Florida/Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan
2 49 Dexter McCluster, RB, Ole Miss/Jahvid Best, RB, Cal
3 79 Javier Arenas, CB/KRAlabama/Perrish Cox, CB/KR, Oklahoma State
4 113 Mitch Petrus, G, Arkansas/Ciron Black, OT/G, LSU
5 145 Myron Rolle, S FSU/Syd'quan Thompson, CB/S, Cal
6 182 Arthur Moats ,OLB, James Madison/ Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas
6 206 John Conner, FB, Kentucky
7 224 Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas

I thought about it some more, and I think you really did a good job with this Tex.

I would prefer Graham over Paul, and I would like to pick up a TED like Spikes in the 4th.
Graham reminds me of Parys Haralson except much more talented, I like that type of player.
Also, Spikes doesn't have to run people down in our defense because we have Justin Smith, Willis and Lawson who are exceptional at that. Spikes would be an ideal plugger with his instincts and size at the TED position.
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i would rather have a db/kr for 1b. way bigger need than pass rush. we have no return game, and the weakest spot on our d is backfield period. im down for iupati tho.
I wouldn't hate Iupati as the pick, but I think our pass rush is severely in need of an upgrade.

More and more, it seems like JPP may slip a little and I think he's too special to pass up. But if it was Graham or another OL, I could live with that.

But it's an area we need to address and there are some solid values at OL (especially OG), S/CB and even KR/PR later in the draft. Whereas getting an elite pass rusher early seem to be a far better value than some of the later options IMO.
I like your mock...a lot. Only thing I might do differently is get both my OL in the 1st rd. It'd be between Iupati and Pouncey after getting best OT at #13...either would be a huge boost to the interior OL, which isn't nearly as strong as it needs to be. I'd just rather have the best two OL as opposed to best OT and a lesser OG. The other thing about Iupati and Pouncey is they have a lot of versatility...have heard the big Somoan has the ability to play virtually every OL position and Pouncey's an excellent C and OG.
Gotta love this draft. You never really know who we are gonna take. Dammit i cant wait 19 days
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