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My Dream 49er Draft....... first 5 rds.

I personally think moving Nate would benefit the team. However Haden on one side and nate on the other w/ Robinson coming along a little slower is fine w/ me. It's not real easy to play cornerback from college to NFL.

so let me get this straight, your "prefect" draft has us taking 1- O-lineman(which will be the worse pro out of all of them, mark my words) 2- linebackers and 3- secondary help. You do realize our offense has been the unit holding us back right? B/C i don't see how this helps our overall team at all.......... anyone else agree??
love it except put in brandon spikes for warren and in the fifth take selvie
The reason I put Selvie last was bc that's the pick my eyes would love to have, I mean looking at that kid he should be a top 15 pick easily but he's not. My heart pick there would be Donald Butler, we take him there and he's our Spikes successor. I'm a die hard Gators fan so i wouldn't mind having Spikes on our team but Donovan Warren is a top 25 talent we would get at pick 79. Picks like that are what turn decent teams into playoff/SB contender teams. If the player stays clean and doesn't continue to have the problems that dropped him in the first place.
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Originally posted by joeymac49s:
This is of course without any trades.... I will explain after the jump....

#13- Joe Haden CB Florida--- (concensus #1 CB in the draft)

#17- CJ Spiller RB Clemson---- (concensus #1 RB in the draft)

#49- Jared Veldheer OT Hillside--- (great upside and O-line Help)

#79- Donovan Warren CB Michigan--- ( falling b/c of bad 40 time but a steal here... if he doesn't fall this far I say stay w/ CB and go Patrick Robinson)

#113- Mike Johnson G Alabama--- (O-line Help Obviously)

#145- Big Rd here... feel there is A LOT of talent that if tapped could be a steal--- just to name a few---

Greg Hardy- DE Ole Miss-- (slightly injury prone but a force when healthy)
Sam Young- OT ND-- (not super high on him but with our o-line anything can help)
Donald Butler- ILB Washington-- ( good size, smart, spikes successor)
Jordan Shipley- WR Texas-- ( Wes Welker clone, that's never a bad thing)
Selvish Capers- OT W. Virginia-- ( again o-line help)
George Selvie- DE/OLB S. Florida ( great pass rusher but not every down player right !!

I like the players but I really feel like we need to get our O line solved in the first round. At least a RT, if not RT and Guard in Iupati.

I think Haden or Spiller could slip to 17. I really don't think our need is greater for these guys than for a RT so I wouldn't take either at 13. I wouldn't be mad if we took either at 17 though.

If we do get a guy like Haden, then I'm not crazy about taking another CB when we could use help at guard, OLB and even TE assuming we want to run a 2 TE set.

I don't think Mike Johnson slips into the 4th. I see him as more of an early 3rd rounder. I don't see a lot of the players you have in your last round being around but yeah, they'd be nice to have. Hardey, Shipley and Selvie are all slotted to go sooner I believe...
would rather draft OL with #13
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