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Earl Thomas at 17 and more

My preference:

13 Trent Williams
17 Earl Thomas
Rd2 DeMaryius Thomas

D Thomas is a 6'3 230 WR with a TO like build. Could be a great possession WR like Boldin or Irvin, but is more explosive. He is fast with avg hands. Apparently the knock is that he needs to improve his route running skills. He has a foot injury which prevented him from participating in the combine... so he might fall to us (just like Crabtree).

Earl Thomas is a natural DB, probably the best instinctive DB in the draft. Mayock has him rated higher than Berry. Thomas is a playmaker and can be a FS or a CB. I think he can be a great ball hawking FS for us. He is a JR this year and would be the Eric Berry of next yrs draft, except that he might be better than Berry right now. He has the upside, youth, speed, instincts, and coverage abilities to be a star.

I dont see the niners taking 2 players on offense or defense in the first round. We will go 1 offense and 1 defense.

Williams can address the RT position. FA Pitts addresses the OG position. Earl Thomas addresses the FS and secondary. D Thomas adds more of a threat at the WR position. We instantly upgrade at positions of need. PR/KR can be found in later rounds or perhaps with Pacman Jones?

Just saw that Darren Howard was cut by Eagles.
More on D Thomas...
Thomas will be gone by 17 but i would agree that would be the way to go. If we get OT at 13, the bpa at 17 might be between the 3rd safety, 1st OLB, 2nd cb for us. I want Spiller at 13 but then we will lose a top 3 OT. This draft is really getting good. I just hope the niners don't reach for the 4th best OT when they could have him a little later....or get the 5th OT in the 2nd
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