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Help me with a mock Draft

I am doing a mock draft where every team is represented by a fan of their team...

I would like to get some input from some of the smarter draft gurus in webzoneland....

Thanks a bunch

In your situation, I would draft CJ Spiller. The reason is, both Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are both available. I think both will be there when you draft at #17. If someone trades up to get one, you still have the other.

CJ Spiller and Anthony Davis/Mike Iupati is a killer first round that I think 98% of 49er's fan would be extremely happy with.

My 2 cents.

Most experts say football is won in the trenches. We have an opportunity to fix our o line problem with two first rounds picks in the 2010 draft. If we cannot protect our QB we have no shot of being a dominate team. We all have seen what happens when your QB doesn't have time to throw the ball or your running back is met in the backfield before he is ever given a chance to find the hole.

Drafting o linemen is never the sexy thing to do, but it is the right thing to do. The one thing all dominate NFL teams have had is a dominate o line. With that being said I would pick OT Bruce Campbell at 13 and G Mike Iupati at 17. In the second round I would pick the best FS on the board.
take brandon graham
Joe Haden at 13 Anthony Davis at 17
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Get as many first round picks as you can arrange. Then draft as many impact players as you see fit. And don't let the naysayers change your conviction. You'll build a play off team in short order.
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