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Prepare for no tackle available at #13

I just did a little mock and noticed, that there are a lot of teams, who need an OT in front of the niners :

1) The lions really need an ot. They could take a dt (suh or Mccoy) , but i think they will pick Okung -> One OT gone

2) The Redskins are looking for an OT, too. Chris Samuels has retired, they signed Artis Hicks, be he isn't a lt. The skins need an LT, so this could be OT if they don't go QB. ->2 OT's gone

3) The Chiefs want to move Branden Albert inside to his natural position at guard. They have no real LT on their roster -> 3 OT's gone

4) The Seahawks really need a QB, a RB and an OT. The two QB's will be gone at #6, RB can be taken at #14 (spiller) or in the 2nd round (Matthews/Best/Dwyer), so another OT could be of the board here -> 4 OT's gone

5) The raiders ignored their Oline need the last few years. Look where they are now. This pick will be Campbell or Davis, no question -> 5 OT's gone

This would mean 5 OT's in the 1st 8 picks. Sounds crazy, but not impossible. And if some OT get past #8, here comes #9:

6) The Bills don't have a real OT on their roster. Brad Butler retired and Demetrius Bell played bad and got seriously injured -> OT #5 gone if somebody of the other 5 don't pick an OT.

So it could really happen, that no OT is available when we pick at #13. The draft could fall this way easily :

Rams : Bradford
Lions : Okung
Buccs : Suh
Redkins : Clausen (or Williams if they stay with Campbell)
Chiefs : Williams
Seahawks : Bulaga (or Clausen if they really want a QB)
Browns : Berry (or Clausen if he slips)
Raiders : Campbell (or David)
Bills : Davis (or Campbell)
oops, i just saw the exact same thread :) Just ignore me
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It just means that Haden/Spiller will probably be the pick at #13 and Iupati at #17. bgrin]
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