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Solidg2000/WildTurkey 49ers draft 2.0

I got football wood from this mock. I do realize it wont ever happen this way but I think you nailed all our needs. Most importantly you got Spiller. he most of all the players will add a few years to Gore our most important weapon imo. A Gore Spiller tandem could very well hide our weakness' in the passing game and Rayes predictable run up the middle bs.
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CJ Spiller and Morgan Burnett would make me very happy.
You shouldn't eat so many pickles before going to sleep, gives you these bad dreams.
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Appreciate the effort, but I always am skeptical of the "multiple trade" mocks. The Niners have EIGHT picks this year plus another comp pick coming. They don't need to trade down for more picks. Also passing on Trent Williams for a luxury pick in Spiller does not float my boat from the start.

Niners have pulled off multiple trade on draft day before and so have many teams, it's nothing new. And with the comp pick it brings us to 9 picks, in my mock i have us gettin 10 picks. It's not an issue of more picks, it's a thing about getting more picks in the first two rounds. Many 1st round talent guys got pushed back by so many underclassmen declaring for the draft.

While you're right. All these trades are possible. You have to remember who our GM is. It would take New Orleans and New England's GM calling and making the offer. Scotty and going to negotiate s**t! With that said. New England's GM would take him to the cleaners. no way that would be his offer. Someone may be able to negotiate that from him, but not Scotty.

Good point, krizay. The Niners of the Bill Walsh era pulled off those kinds of trades. Scott Pioli and the new Patriots GM have pulled off those types of trades. Ozzie Newsome with the Ravens can pull off that type of trade. Except for the trade last year to get the Panthers # 1 pick this year, McCloughan hasn't been big on trading down to get more picks. I still think the Niners should stand pat unless someone presents them with a big opportunity like last year.
C.J. Spiller is one bad Mofo. I still think he would be an excellent pick up @ 13....
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I work with the University of Toledo football team so i love the Stephen Williams pick. Im really hoping we draft Berry Church though.
Would be amazing if the draft turned out this way I think. Charles Brown is awesome as well as some other players (spiller obviously). I hadn't heard of Stephen Williams but he looks really really good.
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You shouldn't eat so many pickles before going to sleep, gives you these bad dreams.

What do you mean bad dream?
That would be a dream come true and a great draft weekend
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