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Kiper and McShay 3.0?

Kiper seems way off...

I can't see us passing on Davis and Bulaga for Haden and Iupati. Now if both those offensive tackles are gone then I could see it happening but not otherwise.

Who knows though when McClaughan is pulling the trigger.

McShay's looks more realistic but it's not great either.
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Originally posted by tohara3:
Don't like either mock for the 49ers.

Really? I don't like McShay or Kiper and think there both idiots.
Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
Between those two, I'd favor Kiper's...but that doesn't get Singletary the OT he wants...unless he's willing to wait 'til the 2nd rd or believes Iupati can learn OT soon. The top CB and one of the top OL would have to please Coach.
Originally posted by dhp318:
I would jizz if we got an OT and JPP. I'm still somewhat wary about Williams, but his superb combine showing makes it seem like his struggles at LT might be just due to a slower transition.

Please refrain from Jizzing for our benefit. That is all.
Originally posted by crabman82:
as far as spiller goes, its not that i want to take him at 13, but seattle will take him at 14, i dont want to face him twice a year

Someone hits the nail on the head! Or in this persons case the Hammer on head lol
Originally posted by WestCoast:
sam bradford now going #1??

what happened all of a sudden to drop Suh to #2??

Bradford gained 20 pounds of muscle and the Rams need a QB badly.
So pretty much both these guys say we're gonna f**k our draft up and obtain mediocre project players, while Seattle yanks all the guys we're hoping to possibly obtain.
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