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Kyle Wilson > Joe Haden

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Im sorry but Joe Haden is not the man. Kylie Wilson is the top corner in this years draft.

I saw Boise play a couple of times this year and every game Wilson stood out. He makes plays. On top of that, his play at the senior bowl.

He has the ability PLUS the DESIRE and ATTITUDE for a great db in the NFL.

Joe Haden is an overall good athlete but not an elite db. Still very raw and lacks uniquet attributes. He is the guy that New Orleans drafted last year with their first pick. The guy from Ohio State that stunck it up this year.

I feel he will get drafted in the early twenties. If we could trade back a couple of spots and take him that would be fantastic.
this is my thoughts too, its why n my mock i took spiller wilson and ducasse 1,1,2.
we need a corner with dreads
do either have dreads? Im sure we can land Mckenzie for next to nothing.
Originally posted by OtisDriftwood:
do either have dreads? Im sure we can land Mckenzie for next to nothing.

kyle does, joe doesn't

kyle > joe
wow what difference a .1 sec makes in the 40

this guy shut down julio jones gilyard lafell and so many other guys to under 50 yards haden is the real deal
Im still skeptic about drafting Florida players alot alot alot of them suck ass in the pros.
I like Kyle Wilson a lot. I was very impressed with him as a player. He's also a real good athlete. I wouldn't mind at all if we pick him. I would rather have him than Joe Haden.
Rather have Haden
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Yep, dreads! Go CB/PR/KR Kyle Wilson

Originally posted by PROTIME:
Yep, dreads! Go CB/PR/KR Kyle Wilson
When Joe Haden runs a 4.4 or less in his pro day we wont be hearing this crap.
I think it's close and I would much rather the 49ers trade down from 17 to the 20-25 range and get Kyle Wilson than draft Haden at 13 or 17
I read that some teams have Wilson ahead of Haden on their boards
I would love for him to be a Niner. Not sure if it'll ever happen because we'll most likely be targeting other players at #13/17 and he wont last till 49 IMO. I wouldn't be upset at all if we drafted him at #17 though.

Definitely on the Kyle Wilson Bandwagon here.

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