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I see that many say that OL is #1 priority. The stats prove otherwise. the Niners were 23rd in KIck-off returns with an average of 21.83 yards and 0 touchdowns.

and DEAD LAST IN pr: 4.41 YARDS with the longest return od a wopping 18 yards.

The OL gave up 40 sacks - there were 10 teams who performed worst and actually, the line imporved as the season progressed. With new coaches and blocking schemes and QB play, this can actually improve.

Based on these stats, OL is NOT the biggest need on this team and thus it will be a wasted picks to use in them in the first round to select OL if Spiller is on the board and Mayes (IMHO) who offers the best prospect of adding team speed on a relatively slow DB/S group.

Did you not read Barrows article on the line, rating us dead last in the league. And as it is a rather more Important position, I will stick with the line.