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BigBug's Mock (with trades)

1. St. Louis- TRADED to Tampa Bay- DT- Ndomukong Suh, Nebraska
2. Detroit- DT- Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
3. St. Louis (from Tampa Bay)- S- Eric Berry, Tennessee
4. Washington- QB- Jimmy Clauson, Notre Dame
5. Kansas City- OT- Russell Okung, Oklahoma St.
6. Seattle- QB- Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
7. Cleveland- DE- Brandon Graham, Michigan
8. Oakland- OT- Anthony Davis, Rutgers
9. Buffalo- OT- Trent Williams, Oklahoma
10. Denver- TRADED to S.F. 49ERS- CB- Joe Haden, Florida

49ers trade 1st and 4th round picks in 2010 draft, and 3rd round pick in 2011 draft to move up 3 spots to grab the number one CB on the board. McCloughan and Singletary identify their guy and aggesively pursue him. This meets a huge need and Haden would be an instant starter from day one. Denver moves down a couple spots and still gets their guy.

11. Jacksonville- RB- C.J. Spiller, Clemson
12. Miami- DE- Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
13. Denver (from 49ers)- ILB- Rolondo McClain, Alabama
14. Seatlle- S- Taylor Mays, USC
15. N.Y. Giants- DE- Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
16. S.F. 49ERS- TRADED to New England- OG- Mike Iupati, Idaho

New England picks Stephen Neal's replacement, while 49ers recieve N.E.'s 1st round pick (#22) and one of their 2nd round picks.

17. Tennessee- WR- Dez Bryant, Oklahoma St.
18. Pittsburgh- S- Earl Thomas, Texas
19. Atlanta- CB- Kyle Wilson, Boise St.
20. Houston- WR- Golden Tate, Notre Dame
21. Cincinnatti- DE- Carlos Dunlap, Florida
22. S.F. 49ERS- ILB- Brandon Spikes, Florida

49ers make a bold move here adding another playmaker on defense. Brandon will take over for big cousin Takeo by midseason, and the Niners will have the best ILB duo for years to come.

1a.- CB- Joe Haden, Florida
1b.- ILB- Brandon Spikes, Florida
2a.- OT- Charles Brown, USC
2b.- WR/RB/KR- Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss
3rd- DT/DE- Lamarr Houston, Texas
4th- TRADED to New England
5th- OLB- O'Brien Schofield, Wisconsin
6th- O Line
7th- FB

1. FS- Darren Sharper, Saints. If we can get this guy to roam center field, Goldson could switch to SS for Lewis. Sharpers prodution and playmaking would make this a real nice pickup.

2. OG- Stephen Neal, Patriots.

1. NT- A. Franklin. (Franchised)
2. OLB- A. Brooks
3. OT- B. Sims
4. OG- D. Baas

Cut/ Don't resign:
1. D. Evans
2. A. Battle
3. Dre Bly
4. Mark Roman


QB's- Alex Smith/ Nate Davis/ Shaun Hill
RB's- Frank Gore/ Glen Coffee/ Dexter McCluster/ FB?
WR's- Michael Crabtree/ Josh Morgan/ Jason Hill/ Brandon Jones/ 5th WR?
TE's- Vernon Davis/ Delanie Walker/ 3rd TE?
OT's- Joe Staley/ Charles Brown/ Barry Sims/ Adam Snyder/ 5th OT?
OC's- Eric Heitmann/ Cody Wallace
OG's- Chilo Rachal/ Stephen Neal/ David Baas/ 4th OG?

CB- Joe Haden/ Shawntae Spencer/ Nate Clements/ Tarell Brown/ Marcus Hudson
FS- Darren Sharper/ Curtis Taylor
SS- Dashon Goldson/ Reggie Smith
ILB- Patrick Willis/ Takeo Spikes/ Brandon Spikes/ Scott McKillop
OLB-Manny Lawson/ Ahmd Brooks/ Parys Haralson/ O'Brien Schofield (injured)/ 4th OLB?
DL- Justin Smith/ Aubrayo Franklin/ Lamarr Houston/ Isaac Sopoaga/ Ray McDonald/ Kentwan Balmer

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You lost me with the Lambs taking Berry. Neither Berry nor Atogwe can play strong safety.
Graham Going #7? Seattle picking Mays over Derrick Morgan? Jacksonville picking Spiller? Tennesse Picking a WR? Golden Tate and Brandon Spikes going First Round? Am I making myself clear that this draft is whack by using rhetorical questions?

Where do I start.... hmmm...
St. Louis trades down to pick.... wait for it... wait for it... a player who also plays the same as their second best player, OJ Atogwe. Next, Brandon Graham, the third ranked DE and 2nd Best Rush OLB is taken at number 7. Yes Cleveland could use a player on the edge, yet Derrick Morgan is more proven with more upside and JPP has way more athleticis and potential. Next Jacksonville, who has MJD after a breakout season, picks a back who was similiar skills and speed? No, they take Morgan as they had only 16 sacks this season and get a steal on a 4-3 DE due to many teams switching to a 3-4. Next, if Jacksonville does pass on Morgan (huge mistake) seattle, who also runs the 4-3 takes... Taylor Mays? They guy has elite size strength and speed, and played under Pete Carroll, yet Carroll knows him best and knows that he has lacked in coverage this year and doesn't have any ball skills. Seattle also needs a franchise LT, but Morgan (Top 10 talent) would be too good to pass up on. Next Tennesse, after last year breaking their streak of not taking a reciever in the first round, takes ANOTHER reciever even thought their front 4 are depleted after losing Haynesworth and Vander Bosch's aging. They go and get Brian Price (if NYG doesn't take him) or DE. Simple as that. Lastly, after Houston's first winning season largly due to their high power offense take a WR? They need help at both DT and DB and they take a reciever even though their receiving core consists of Andre Johnson(Pro Bowl), Owen Daniels (Pro Bowl, but got injured) and Jacoby Jones (Break out season, Pro Bowl Alternate)! Even is if they want a reciever, they get way better value with Jordan Shipley in ROUND 3. Oh, and Spikes goes in round 2 and Charles Brown doesn't fit our system AT ALL. HE IS LESS THAN 300 POUNDS AND USELESS IN THE RUN GAME. We are looking for a big bodied RT who can dominate in the run game and hold his own in the pass game, not some nimble-sub-300-zone-blocking Left Tackle.

Anyway, hope I wasn't too hard. Its hard to interpert tone when writeing, but I am not trying to be malicious. Just letting you know my humble opinion. Its WAY harder to predict trades so I give you credit for that, and I do think the 9ers and Bronco's would be good partners to switch picks, just not crazy about the people you picked.
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I would shoot myself in the face if we traded any picks to get Haden. I don't see anything special about him and he is already small for the position.
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If Haden makes it past Cleveland he'll make it to 13, so no need to trade up, But I do like the Spikes trade and Charles Brown pick.

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Originally posted by 23zack80:
I would shoot myself in the face if we traded any picks to get Haden. I don't see anything special about him and he is already small for the position.

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This mock is like a bad train wreck. You just have to read on to see just how bad it is and this case, WOW comes to mind.
Originally posted by cgida:
This mock is like a bad train wreck. You just have to read on to see just how bad it is and this case, WOW comes to mind.
Are you a Niners fan ... and a Gators fan? Why not get Tebow too? And Pouncey?

[ Edited by olapac on Feb 24, 2010 at 06:24:04 ]

That's why it's called a "mock" folks.....
This draft has our team in position of taking one of the top 4 OTs in draft (big dropoff after the top 4 OTs) and we settle for a tier 2 OT?

I like Haden but at the expense of two additional picks? He probably won't even start since he'll be behind Clements and Spencer. You have to get an instant starter if you pick in the 1st round. You can get Cromartie (SD) for those two picks and STILL keep your 1st round pick. Or just go and address the CB in next year's draft. Defense is not one of our main problems.

Spikes? Seriously? We have good depth at ILB right now. Takeo went down this year and Wilhelm/McKillop played well... so well that we didn't even notice Takeo was gone. ILB is not a priority.

Don't like the picks at all. It doesn't address our main needs, and when you did (OT) it was for a player of lesser talent that what we could have gotten in the 1st round.
Glad you're not the GM...
Originally posted by miked1978:
Originally posted by 23zack80:
I would shoot myself in the face if we traded any picks to get Haden. I don't see anything special about him and he is already small for the position.

Do you have the Pats trading a 1st round pick to draft a guard?
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