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Strick's Pre-Combine Mock

Originally posted by miked1978:
Good mock. I'd be happy with it.
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I like the idea of adding a passrusher but I'm just not 100% on Graham. To me, he looks like a DE and if we put him in the mix, then he's splitting time with Balmer and Sop. It's worth it if he just dominates the position but otherwise it's a potential logjam. I really have a hard time seeing him in the OLB position dropping back quickly or pass protecting.

As for Best, to me he looks too much like Gore. He just seems like a between tackles kind of runner straight down the middle. He looks undersized too and is suffering from a concussion.

I might take Graham but I would pass on Best and take a receiver to threaten vertically and open up the box for Gore. I'm guna say we go OT and BPA available with our 2 #1's.
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