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Fast collab mock draft

He guys. How about a fast mock ? We have 32 teams, so i need 7 of you to participate.

Player #1 takes picks 1-4, Player #2 5-8, ...Player #8 29-32

We should get a mock up much faster because we only have to wait every 4 picks, not every pick. Trades are not allowed, just straight picking.

The Niner picks will be polls lasting 2 hours (or longer when i am sleeping ;)).

Who is in ?

#17-#20: stever
#21-#24: ninertico

[ Edited by stever on Feb 16, 2010 at 10:20:18 ]
I'll take 9-12
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I'd do it, but I'm mocked out. Will jump in on your next one.
I would but I'm at work and would slow this down too much
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What the heck, give me #13-#16.
Originally posted by solidg2000:
I would but I'm at work and would slow this down too much

Just sign up for 28-32 buddy. We aren't started yet and i don't have a problem with some delay. What i don't like is a delay after each pick
#21-24 please

Great idea, btw.
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25-28 mr. !

Ok, two slots to go.
OK.. I'm bored at work so I'll go 1-4 to get it started.
i can take a slot
One slot to go

The draft will start at 10:45 forum time.
Originally posted by miked1978:
i can take a slot

Ok, you got it
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