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Since we get 2 round 1 picks, the answer has to be 2 guys, right? My choice: Spiller plus Best Right Tackle Available. But if you're only allowing 1, I'm saying Spiller. He can change some games on ST and in Spread formation right away, then grow into a bigger role down the road.

Kick return. Round 1.

Spiller can do a lot more than return kicks, look at guys like Harvin & Jackson both selected in round one. A lot of teams Including the 49ers are wishing they hadn't passed on both of them.

Let's not miss out on another Clear home run hitter.

A lot of you are mentioning RT, well who's the tackle we must have?? There's a couple solid guys but I'm not seeing any "must have's" at that position.

Here's the argument for going OL and not Spiller.

At RB we already have a Pro-Bowl caliber guy in Gore, Coffee should get better too. So in essence the RB position isn't a huge need.

At RT we have Adam Snyder. The guy is pure trash. Getting a guy like Bulaga to play RT at 13 or 17 and getting a returner later in the draft probably represents more value all things considered.

I don't see how tackle comes to play here because if we were to draft Spiller at 13 we would be drafting either Davis, Williams or Buluga at 17.

We're not taking Spiller over a tackle we're taking him over a Iupati or Earl Thomas, or Brandon Graham.

100% agree. I'd be happy with either of the 4.
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