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pwilly52's first mock ever (4 rounds)

Originally posted by wailers15:
wow so grahm has a good showing in the senior bowl & he jumps this high? i don't like that pick at all. i'd rather draft another o-lineman & secure our future. O-line is so important. f**k GRAHAM!

Aren't you the same guy who said Green Bay wouldn't try and retain their pro-bowl safety, Nick Collins?
[ Edited by pwilly52 on Feb 8, 2010 at 10:45 AM ]
As to Chad Jones being a great return specialist, he could very well be, but great may also be overstating it a bit based on his stats:
2009: 6 Punt Returns for 129 yards and 1 touchdown - longest PR 93 yards for TD against Miss.State; 1 Kick Return for 5 yards, 0 touchdowns;
2008: 8 Punt Returns for 95 yards, no TDs - longest 24 yards, 2 Kick Returns for 25 yards, no TDs - longest 17 yards;
2007: 17 Punt Returns for 112 yards, no TDs - longest 15 yards, 4 Kick Returns for 90 yards, No TDs - longest 33 yards.

For example, Both Gilyard and Arenas had a lot more experience (and better stats) at both KR and PR in 2009 (of course. Spiller blows away the field at KR). But in any case, I have no doubt Jones would be a better option at RS than what the 49ers have now and quite probably likewise for safety over the longer term.
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