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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Like the players that you selected and they would certainly fill needs. A few comments though:

1) Leon Washington - I would never sign him after that bad injury. TOo much risk and why would you need him if you are drafting Gilyard anyway?

2) I think there are several guys who you pick who will simply be gone before:
Hughes rd 2 (although its certainly possible he is there)
Gilyard rd 3 - I just dont see anyway he is still there in 3rd
Veldheer rd 5 - just too big and talented to last until 5th. Not that many good OT's

The Niners would absolutley love if the draft went this way but I just dont see that happening.

I think Leon will be fine. He looks to be walking without any limp and will be ready for mini-camps. We do need a quick back, so even if he is not returnin' kicks, he can be a solid change of pace back.

Looks like I have rated Gilyard pretty low. Hughes I do think will go in 2nd round, but may go up in top of round. Combine will be big for him. You are probably right though on him and Veldheer. I'll re-do it after combine. Thanks
I just don't think you're going to see Gilyard there.

I would do things a bit differently. I believe McCourty presents a higher value than Wilson, and would prefer him.

After Veldheer's hot week, he's shooting up into the 3rd round. I don't think he'll last past the 4th, especially after the combine. He's 6-8 and almost 320 pounds, yet is expected to clock as high as the 4.8's -- That's unbelievable for a man that big.

I wouldn't say it's impossible that Rolle makes it to the 4th though. He could, just barely, and I'd be elated to land him there.

Overall, no problems with the players, really, just the projections. I like the Cam Thomas pick, he'll probably be going in the 3rd now.
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